Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The Ninth Circuit Intends To "Get VERY Granular" Tomorrow, At Oral Argument -- On Trump's Adderwall® [No] Funding...

I think this last minute order suggests an exceedingly favorable omen, toward preserving the injunction against Trump's attempted Adderwall® "slush fund spending" -- in direct derogation of two separate Congressional commands, on the subject. [See the suggestion of a "Constitutional" question, below.]

But we shall -- as ever -- see. I'll likely link [in a video-window fashion] to the Ninth Circuit's live-feed of oral argument; watch for it here, tomorrow -- late in the day on the East Coast [5 PM EDT; 4 PM CST; 2 PM PDT]:

. . . .At oral argument [tomorrow] on Thursday, June 20, the parties shall be prepared to discuss whether, if the reprogramming of funds did not comport with section 8005, Plaintiffs’ cause of action is properly understood as an equitable cause of action to enjoin a constitutional violation (e.g., a violation of the Appropriations Clause of Article I or an executive action that exceeds powers granted in Article II), a statutory cause of action, or both. Additionally, the parties shall be prepared to discuss whether there is a zone of interests requirement for the proper cause or causes of action. Finally, the parties should be prepared to discuss whether this is a political question of a sort that is not justiciable. . . .

Pop the popcorn -- me? I foresee some tangerine-hued hind-parts, of a wanna-be Mussolini -- completely charred, to a crisp -- tomorrow. Onward.


Tuesday, June 18, 2019

With All The Ugly Divisive Hate Being Spewed In Orlando, Tonight -- Let's Offer... A Counter-Measure.

Sometimes -- just a lil' positive energy... changes things. The whole nine minute segment explains what is still best, about America. [It never needed to be made "great, again."]

This is the America I love -- not the place Trump imagines -- not a place where kids are held in cages.

Please -- just watch as Terry Crews shows us what happens. . . when we BELIEVE in our children [get the Kleenex -- you'll need it]:

G'night to all, all who still believe America is better than his politics -- his politics of. . . division.


Monday, June 17, 2019

Pfizer Now Forced To Play Catch Up -- In Burgeoning "New Order" Oncology Wards... [Power Alley, Again.]

It is no secret that I've long been a critic of the departing Mr. Read's penchant for "financial engineering" in deal-making, and in R&D. It seems his sole legacy will turn out to be. . . failing. . . in actual drug discovery. Pfizer is a financial juggernaut, so it can now spend -- and spend pretty wildly -- to buy its way back into the global oncology wars.

Real leadership, in immuno-oncology, at least -- may be a good distance off for Mr. Bourla, the new Pfizer leader -- since that area is increasingly dominated by Merck and BMS. We shall see -- but it is crystal clear that Mr. Read's failed $120 billion gambit in the UK for AZ. . . was both a wasted opportunity, and the distraction of his mega-sized financial trickery. . . caused this multinational pharma to largely miss out, on the "next big thing".

Here is a bit, from the presser, in any event:

. . . .Array’s portfolio includes the approved combined use of BRAFTOVI® (encorafenib) and MEKTOVI® (binimetinib) for the treatment of BRAFV600E or BRAFV600K mutant unresectable or metastatic melanoma. The combination therapy has significant potential for long-term growth via expansion into additional areas of unmet need and is currently being investigated in over 30 clinical trials across several solid tumor indications, including the Phase 3 BEACON trial in BRAF-mutant metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC).

In the U.S., colorectal cancer is the third most common type of cancer in men and women. An estimated 140,250 patients were diagnosed with cancer of the colon or rectum in 2018, and approximately 50,000 are estimated to die of their disease each year. . . .

Here's to hoping that Mr. Bourla values real discovery more than Mr. Read did -- that he will in time, find at least some of the wisdom. . . of Mr. Frazier. Onward, into the clearing morning fogs. . . . grinning.


Sunday, June 16, 2019

As We Face Yet ANOTHER Chaotic "Un-Presidented" Week, Here In The US -- Keep In Mind What The DRC Faces...

Don't misunderstand, day by day, on a global scale -- with perhaps 32,000 children either missing. . . or in cages -- essentially held, in privately-owned concentration camps (for profit) -- Trump can do far more damage than any biological virus -- and in far less elapsed time. We all know this to be true.

But we must never forget that many people around the globe -- in their individual daily lives -- face far more daunting circumstances than any of us can imagine. The WHO needs more funding -- in order to procure, and ship the vaccines that offer a longer term solution to arresting the current 2019 outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Here's just one outlet's version:

. . . ."The Committee is deeply disappointed that WHO and the affected countries have not received the funding and resources needed for this outbreak," the WHO statement says. "The international community must step up funding and support strengthening of preparedness and response in DRC and neighboring countries."

So far, there have been up to 2,100 cases of Ebola in this recent outbreak, and 1,400 people have died.

Jeremy Farrar, the director of the Wellcome Trust, said it was "truly frightening" and shows "no sign of stopping any time soon. . . ."

Perhaps the most vexing -- and urgent -- problem of all, on the ground in Butembo [and other urban centers]. . . is eradicating the now over 135 separate [life-threatening and often lethal] attacks, against health workers at the clinics treating the afflicted. We have repeatedly written about this. And there are no easy solutions. But we must. . . continue to try.

Onward -- to a foggy Monday morning, then.


Tuesday, June 11, 2019

[U: 20 States AND] 100 Former Members Of Congress (Rs And Ds) Answer, On Trump's Would Be "Slush Fund": Insane Border Wall.

UPDATED @ 8 PM EDT: In addition to a late-breaking brief from several preeminent US Constitutional law professors [Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean, Jesse H. Choper Distinguished Professor of Law, University of California, Berkeley Law; Michael C. Dorf, Robert S. Stevens Professor of Law, Cornell Law School; David A. Strauss, Gerald Ratner Distinguished Service Professor of Law, Faculty Director of the Jenner & Block Supreme Court and Appellate Clinic, University of Chicago Law School; and Stephen I. Vladeck, A. Dalton Cross Professor in Law, University of Texas School of Law -- you may read that one by clicking on the list of those names and titles], obviously opposing Trump -- we now also have a brief from 20 separate States' Attorneys General -- on behalf of the Great States of California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and Wisconsin. . . all opposing the attempt by Trump to subvert the Constitution, and ignore the appropriations power, which is vested in the hands of Congress. You should read all three of these, and compare them to the two laughably-lame efforts filed yesterday, by the clearly outmatched Trump-friendly lawyers. [And I didn't even include the one authored by a non-lawyer, on Trump's behalf (or purportedly so) -- since it is simply an exercise in willful ignorance. End updated portion.]

Well, we -- as in "We, the people" are now. . . speaking. And. . . I promise, this will not disappoint.

The first amicus brief -- signed by BOTH life-long Republicans, and Democrats -- against Trump's attempt to divert funds, after the sitting Congress expressly forbade him from using them for a border wall. . . is on file. Do read it all, at the link -- but Trump is completely out of his depth here:

. . . .Amici curiae are a bipartisan group of more than 100 former Members of the House of Representatives, both Republicans and Democrats. Amici have served an aggregate of approximately 1,500 years in Congress, hail from 36 States, and include 21 former Members from the states of the Ninth Circuit. Amici disagree on many issues of policy and politics. Some amici believe that a wall along the Southern Border is in the national interest. Others do not. But all amici agree that the Executive Branch is undermining the separation of powers by proposing to spend tax dollars to build a border wall that Congress repeatedly and emphatically refused to fund.

Amici, as former members of Congress and as citizens of our Nation, have a strong interest in preventing Executive Branch overreach from degrading Congress’s unique and important role in America’s tripartite system of separated powers. . . .

[Each signer] swore an oath to protect the Constitution; each has seen firsthand how the separation of powers safeguards the rights of the American people; and each firmly believes that defending Congress’s power of the purse is essential to preserving democracy’s promise that Americans’ hard-earned tax dollars are spent in accordance with the will of the people. . . .

There is much more -- but if you get the sense that this is a fifth grade civics education, in one small package -- you would not be wrong. It is written at the Donald's level. Hilarious -- and quite. . . savvy.

I think the tide has turned, against Trump's lunacy, in America. This is bi-partisan educational speech. And it is black letter law. Trump will. . . lose. Again.


One Of Trump's FORMERLY Leading Personal Lawyers -- Jay Sekulow -- Authored... A Ninth Circuit Border Wall Brief. Hilarious.

In the California (Ninth Circuit) border wall funding cases, Mr. Sekulow has personally authored a rather goofy brief, suggesting (no surprise!) that the courts lack jurisdiction over Herr Drumpf (precious!), and therefor, Congress cannot control the president's spending. That is plainly the opposite of existing law.

I'll link it here.

Here is one other only slightly less silly one -- filed by some better lawyers, on behalf of a border contractor.

Tonight we will receive the one(s) that matter -- those from the Sierra Club itself, and any of its amici. They will accurately explain. . . checks and balances.

Onward, on a sunny Tuesday -- to the airport.


Monday, June 10, 2019

Merck "Bolts On" Some Promising Oncology Candidates: Buys Tilos Thera For $773 Million...

As Merck looks to extend its lead in the next-generation of oncology treatments, it has announced an acquisition, for cash -- some of which is milestone-driven -- of privately held Tilos Therapeutics. Tilos is a company created to exploit lab discoveries of Dr. Howard Weiner, at Brigham and Women’s Hospital -- and Harvard Medical School, surrounding the TGFβ molecule, of some years ago.

This is -- as I often say -- a heady time to be following the life sciences focused on human oncology. Progress occurs daily it seems, and while the word "cure" is still absolutely an anathema -- it draws slightly nearer (on the far horizon), day by day.

Here is the Merck release -- and a bit:

. . . .“At Merck we continue to enhance our robust pipeline through active execution of our business development strategy," said Dr. Dean Li, senior vice president, discovery and translational medicine, Merck Research Laboratories. “Tilos has developed a compelling portfolio of candidates that employ a novel approach to modulating the potent signaling molecule TGFβ by binding to latency-associated peptide, with potential applications across a range of disease indications.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Merck, through a subsidiary, will acquire all outstanding shares of Tilos for total potential consideration of up to $773 million, including an upfront payment as well as contingent milestone payments. . . .

TGFβ is a potent cytokine believed to play an important role in the development of cancer and fibrotic diseases. TGFβ is secreted as a complex with the protein, latency-associated peptide (LAP). LAP forms a cage around TGFβ, holding the cytokine in an inactive state until it is deployed. Evidence has shown that anti-LAP antibodies block the release of TGFβ from the TGFβ-LAP complex with the potential to provide a novel therapeutic mechanism to reduce TGFβ activity. . . .

This is becoming an embarrassment of riches, it seems -- for Mr. Frazier.

Onward, on a clearing and luminous dawn. . .


Saturday, June 8, 2019

It Is Not So Much That He Gaffes... Incessantly... Though That Is Certainly Worrisome...

I am only mildly concerned that the president links/thinks some rando who is not an NBA great [but tellingly, the real guy is one who made racist remarks, on TV, in the past] -- he claims -- played "backetball". Nor am I too worried that 45 eats only "hamburders".

I am a little more concerned that 45 wrote that the Moon is part of Mars.

Not so much for his obvious, inaccurate and unscientific lack of attention to details -- but because the rest of the tweet appears to back away from a NASA budget priority he set less than a year ago.

In truth then -- and the point of my post, humor aside: actually, I am most concerned that he is trying vainly to use 1880s style tariffs to (he thinks) bend the global economic powers to his will. He is manifestly failing at it, and has already likely assured a late 2019 recession -- the central question now is whether his idiocy triggers a. . . depression.


We Will Have Ninth Circuit Briefs -- Early Next Week, In The AdderWall® Cases, Against Trump...

At present, as my regular readers are well-aware [in direct contradiction to Trump's Orwellian lies], Team Trump is enjoined (but up on appeal) from beginning to divert funding to "build his AdderWall®" at the southern border. [At this point, on border-law/policy-related matters, Trump is like One-For-Eighteen, in the courts. . . a pure loser.]

Last week, the Trump lawyers moved on an emergency basis, to stay that injunction -- meaning they want the Ninth Circuit to allow Trump to start building (with these lawless slush funds), while the appeals are sorted out. "Its only. . . taxpayer money," they argue "not like it really matters; who cares if it is lawlessly wasted?". . . Sheesh. In any event, this cases are called collectively Sierra Club, et al. v. Trump (9th Cir. Appeal No. 19-16102). Here is the upcoming schedule; we will likely post links to the full briefs on Monday -- and Tuesday -- evening:

. . . .The court has received the parties’ joint proposed schedule for filings concerning appellants’ emergency stay motion.

Any amicus filings supporting the emergency stay motion are due by 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time on Monday, June 10, 2019.

Appellees’ opposition to the emergency stay motion and any amicus filings opposing the emergency stay motion are due by 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time on Tuesday, June 11, 2019. . . .

The court will hold oral argument on the emergency stay motion at 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time on Thursday, June 20, 2019, in San Francisco, California. . . .

Now you know. No wall. Never. Ever. Namaste. . . .


Thursday, June 6, 2019

Updated Status Report In Ms. L.: Trump Parties NOW Claim There Are "Only" 32,000 Additional Kids -- Not 47,000(?)

For my part, I will await more, from the able judge in San Diego. But here is the latest status report.

Color me. . . decidedly skeptical, since this was provided to the ACLU after 6 pm tonight -- see the last two pages (24 and 25) of the status report, here.

There will be a hearing on all of it tomorrow, at 1 PM local time, in San Diego, California. . . and we will learn more. It would be good news if only some 32,000 kids remain to be sorted, but given the monumental lack of governmental record keeping for almost two years, on this score -- I would not rejoice, just yet.

There are still thousands and thousands of vulnerable children. . . who have been (and remain) forcibly separated from their parents. And as I said earlier tonight, I expect we will see that the US will need to fly maybe 407 -- not 21 -- parents back to the US to come get their children -- due to Trumpian law-breaking in deporting them without their children -- in the first place.


Trump Is STILL Violating The Ms. L. Settlement Agreement: 21 Parents Just Trying To Get Their Kids...

The Ms. L. case was settled -- and a permanent injunction imposed -- last October. The government agreed it would help parents reunify with their children, promptly.

Then, in the cases of at least 21 parents -- but likely many more -- ICE simply forcibly deported the kids' parents, without even so much as a credible fear hearing -- and without their children. [The ACLU will win here -- the law is clear; the government formally agreed back in October 2018 that it was.] My recent backgrounder -- one of many -- here.

And so, the course of action Trump and ICE took against these vulnerable parents. . . directly violated the settled promises. It was willful. It was with malice, aforethought. Now the ACLU has, in San Diego federal court, made a motion to have those parents safely return to the US -- at US expense, by commercial air carrier -- to reunify with their children, and get a fair "credible fear" hearing. And remain in the US until the 240 process is completed. Here is the memo of law (a 15 page PDF), just filed and the executive summary:

. . . .Plaintiffs respectfully request that the Court order the government to allow 21 parents who were separated from their children and deported to travel to the United States to obtain an opportunity to reunify with their children, who remain in the United States. Each parent has submitted an application under the Settlement Agreement seeking to return to the United States, and the return of each of the 21 parents can be accomplished either by enforcing the Settlement Agreement or by an order of this Court requiring the government to provide travel documents to permit return to the United States.

The 21 parents were separated from their children and deported without receiving a meaningful opportunity to seek asylum. The relief they seek is limited: they need a pathway to legally travel to the United States, where Defendants can then either provide them with a de novo credible fear interview (“CFI”) or simply place them in regular section 240 removal proceedings.

These 21 deported parents are part of the larger group of more than 470 parents deported without their children. Plaintiffs, the ACLU Steering Committee, and other NGOs carefully screened deported parents to determine which parents (1) were deprived of a meaningful opportunity to seek asylum, (2) are currently in danger, and (3) have bona fide asylum claims. Plaintiffs concluded that 51 parents fit that description and gave the 51 cases, with affidavits, to the government as part of the procedures set forth in Settlement Agreement. The government rejected all 51 applications without any individualized explanation.

Subsequently, thirty of the 51 managed to make their way to the U.S. -- Mexican border and sought asylum. Notably, all 30 either passed their CFIs or were placed directly into 240 proceedings. Yet all 30 were previously rejected by the government under the settlement agreement. The remaining 21 are no different from these 30 but are stranded in their home countries, either because of the danger or prohibitive cost of undertaking the journey without travel documents, or for other reasons. Had they been given a meaningful opportunity to seek asylum before being deported, they would almost certainly have passed their CFI and would have been reunified with their children in the United States under the Ms. L. injunction.

These parents are in serious danger in their home countries and cannot safely remain there. For the same reason, they cannot be reunited with their children in their home countries. Without further relief, these 21 parents have no meaningful redress for the injury Defendants’ inflicted. They were separated from their children and then coerced or misled into losing the meaningful opportunity to seek asylum to which they were entitled. The only path they have to reunify with their children is in the United States itself. Accordingly, to obtain the Ms. L. relief of reunification, these 21 parents should be permitted to return to exercise their right to apply for asylum. . . .

This is. . . maddening. Trump simply refuses to obey court decrees he does not like. Separately, it is being reported in the media that he is vainly threatening to cut court-ordered [under Flores, ever since 1998] funding for kids in the detention centers -- funding for recreation, education and English classes, in particular. That he cannot do.

It is time to impose sanctions on him, personally. Including contempt and arrest. He is plainly acting outside of the scope of his permitted authority.


Next Steps, To Get The NASA JPL Mars InSight "Mole" Mining Again...

As we promised just exactly a month ago, when "more was known, we would update" -- on the remote Martian remediation plans -- to begin drilling again.

This dawn is that day. The below video is an excellently digestible explainer. So without much more ado, we will refer you to it, which is a link, to YouTube, from NASA's press release of last night:

. . . .Scientists and engineers have a new plan for getting NASA InSight's heat probe, also known as the "mole," digging again on Mars. Part of an instrument called the Heat Flow and Physical Properties Package (HP3), the mole is a self-hammering spike designed to dig as much as 16 feet (5 meters) below the surface and record temperature. . . .

The mole is thought to be skewed, at about a 20 degree angle off of true vertical, at the moment -- perhaps due to loose Martian sand/soil conditions. . . .

NASA InSight scientist/engineer Troy Hudson gives us the game plan for getting the mission's heat probe, also known as the "mole," digging again on Mars. . . .

Now you know -- luminous, yet clearer here at dawn, on Thursday -- grinning, ear to ear. Be excellent to those you love -- and even maybe those you. . . do not.


Wednesday, June 5, 2019

The Ninth Circuit Will Very Soon Decide Whether [And For How Long] Trump's Attempt To Divert Funds To His Wall Will Be Enjoined...

It bears repeating [though under President Obama -- since he understood the role of Acts of Congress, and the Constitution's checks and balances -- none of this would have ever come up. . .] to state the obvious (for Trump's benefit): Presidents do not have the ability to defy Congressial spending limits. It is hard-coded into the founding documents.

Spending limits, as enacted and controlled by the Congress, act as an express check, on any tyrannical urges by. . . Presidents. Now the Ninth Circuit, in the Sierra Club cases, will decide whether the existing premlinary injunction against Trump's wall building will continue -- in the form of a prohibition on accessing funds to build it. Here's a bit:

. . . .As Plaintiffs point out, the upshot of [Trump]’s argument is that the Acting Secretary of Defense is authorized to use Section 8005 to funnel an additional $1 billion to the Section 284 account for border barrier construction, notwithstanding that (1) Congress decided to appropriate only $1.375 billion for that purpose; (2) Congress’s total fiscal year 2019 appropriation available under Section 284 for “[c]onstruction of roads and fences and installation of lighting to block drug smuggling corridors across international boundaries of the United States” was $517 million, much of which already has been spent; and (3) [Trump has] acknowledged that the Administration considered reprogramming funds for border barrier construction even before [Trump] signed into law Congress’s $1.375 billion appropriation. See Department of Defense and Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Appropriations Act, 2019, Pub. L. No. 115-245, div. A, tit. VI, 132 Stat. 2981, 2997 (2019) (appropriating $881 million in funds “[f]or drug interdiction and counter-drug activities” in fiscal year 2019, $517 million of which is “for counter-narcotics support”); Dkt. No. 131 at 4 (indicating that Defendants have not used -- and do not intend to use in the near future -- any funds appropriated by Congress for counter-narcotics support for border barrier construction); Case No. 4:19-cv-00872-HSG, ECF No. 89-12, at 14 (testimony of Defendant Shanahan before the House Armed Services Committee explaining that the Administration discussed unilateral reprogramming “prior to the declaration of a national emergency”). . . .

Put differently, according to [Trump], Section 8005 authorizes the Acting Secretary of Defense to essentially triple or quintuple, when considering the recent additional $1.5 billion reprogramming -- the amount Congress allocated to this account for these purposes, notwithstanding Congress’s recent and clear actions in passing the CAA, and the relevant committees’ express disapproval of the proposed reprogramming. See States RJN Ex. 35 (“The committee denies this request. The committee does not approve the proposed use of [DoD] funds to construct additional physical barriers and roads or install lighting in the vicinity of the United States border.”); id. Ex. 36 (“The Committee has received and reviewed the requested reprogramming action . . . . The Committee denies the request.”). Moreover, [Trump's] decision not to refer specifically to Section 284 in [his] $5.7 billion funding request deprived Congress of even the opportunity to reject or approve this funding item. . . .

We will keep you informed, but we expect briefs by mid next week. And we expect Trump will. . . lose. No wall. [Remember when he said Mexico would pay for the wall? He now nakedly tries to steal money from military projects -- to make American taxpayers pay for that impotently vain edifice to his idiocy. Charming.]


A Tragic -- Largely Avoidable -- DRC Ebola Milestone: Beyond 2,000 Cases, Now...

It is very difficult to. . . accept, that this current outbreak continues to accelerate -- in a time when we have a working vaccine, and some increasingly promising treatments. As ever, all epidemic control and eradication efforts. . . are intensely. . . local.

And this is a. . . very challenging locale. This comes overnight, this time from the BBC:

. . . .More than 2,000 cases of Ebola have been recorded in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the last 10 months, officials have said.

Two thirds of the cases have been fatal, the health ministry added.

The outbreak in the east of DR Congo is the second biggest in history, with a significant spike in new cases noted in recent weeks.

But health workers' attempts to contain the outbreak has been hindered by mistrust and violence.

Despite the fact that more than 1,300 people have died of the disease since August, the charity Oxfam says its teams are meeting people every single day who still don't believe the virus exists, the BBC's Africa editor Will Ross reports. . . .

Now you know. Off to a warm and sunny Spring Tuesday here -- with court, later.


Tuesday, June 4, 2019

And Kenilworth Wins Expanded Approval For Zerbaxa®... Back To The Power Alley, For A Moment.

Longer term readers likely will remember our 2014 reporting on the acquisition of Cubist.

That deal is paying additional dividends for Mr. Frazier, overnight. Not unexpected -- so the stock price may not move much, but good news -- just the same. Here's the bit, from Reuters -- coupled to a legacy graphic of mine. [Backgrounder there.]

. . . .[US FDA just] approved expanded use of Merck & Co Inc's antibiotic to treat hospital-acquired pneumonia in patients 18 years and older.

The approval is based on the treatment’s late-stage trial results, which showed that Merck’s drug, Zerbaxa, was as effective as another antibacterial drug.

Hospital-acquired pneumonia occurs in patients at least two to three days after being admitted or in those who are on mechanical breathing machines and have life-threatening lung infections with high mortality rates. . . .

Now you know. And, even though the US House Democrats' lawsuit was dismissed (on standing grounds), the border wall remains enjoined in the Sierra Club related suit -- where a bird sanctuary is threatened by Trump's unlawful building plans. That too is all. . . very droll -- as the Brits troll him in a myriad of ways, on his self-glorification tour in the UK.


Friday, May 31, 2019

[U] New: Trump Is Running Unlicensed Private (Florida-Based) For-Profit Prisons -- To Hold Asylee-Children, For Six Months At A Time...

Updated: As of Saturday morning, June 1, 2019 -- NPR is now hosting the below document, and carrying a story on it all. Nice. End, update.

This just came to light last night, in California's Los Angeles federal district courthouse -- in the Flores class action.

Despite orders to promptly release children it had separated from their families, the Trump administration continues to shuffle these hundreds of unaccompanied children between various $750 a day per child private, "for profit" prisons (each run by Trump donors!) -- directly contrary to a prior federal court order, each a facility that is NOT licensed as a childhood care facility in the relevant state(s). Read all 37 pages -- but here is a bit of it:

This man must be impeached. He is committing new crimes against humanity, daily. And that's before his impotent poo-fling, at avocado-toast eating US hipsters, overnight. It would be hard to write fiction more farcical that this. . . present reality.


Wednesday, May 29, 2019

In About 20 Minutes Now... Bobby Three Sticks Speaks.

And now -- throwing significant uncertainty into the morning markets -- in about 27 minutes, Bob Mueller will make a substantial statement to the nation.

Buckle-up buttercup! This could well be... a Leon Jaworski moment. Watch, as history unfolds.

Updating after the address Shorter Mueller: I cannot clear the president of obstruction -- and so, I am referring this to the Congress, for impeachment, if that body decides to so act. . . . onward.


Tuesday, May 28, 2019

My Best Guess? After Latest Events In The UK; EU -- Even If Boris Is PM... "Remain" Ends All Brexit Talk: 2021

I'll admit at the top, I no longer follow British politics as closely as I probably ought to, given the exposures some of my life science clients would have in the UK and the EU, if a hard Brexit were to come to pass this late summer. [There is just a wriggling fire-hose -- full of nonsense to stay after -- here in the US. And only so many hours in the day.]

Having said that, I think "old Boris -- and the Brexiteers" [as capably outlined below] will do themselves in. And some time next year, or the year after, a new referendum will be held. . . and Remainers will win, by about 51 to 48. Here's The Guardian -- on it all [opinion pages]:

. . . .Remainers won this European election and they would win a referendum too: why else do leavers resist the minor inconvenience of another ballot with such ferocity? The real “betrayal” of democracy would be any move towards Brexit without popular consent.

Every media interviewer should challenge every Tory leadership candidate with the dishonesty of imposing their Brexit on what is now a remain nation. . . .

There is much more of the sensible British view, at the link -- do go read it. But I remain convinced that there will in fact be no abrupt, hard Brexit, nor will there even be half-way measures, toward it, before late 2020. And overall now, the likelihood of remaining in the EU. . . is greater than it has been, in almost four long years. Onward.


Monday, May 27, 2019

More Daunting News From DRC: Closing In On 2,000 Ebola Cases... No Relief In Sight.

This is a near doubling of cases, just since January 2019. The trend-line is reversible, to be sure -- but is heading in the wrong direction, for all the reasons below. This is the kind of story that falls off the global news radar, in tumultuous times. But we must not let that be so. We must continue to follow it closely, and make it a real priority -- in public health / UN spending.

CIPRAP has it all, as of Friday -- however, on Twitter, Helen Branswell reports another death, in violence against a burial worker, as of last night. So I ticked the CIDRAP violence death total up one, from four to five:

. . . .In its daily update yesterday, the DRC's health ministry said nurses in Musienene health zone had a meeting yesterday to denounce death threats and destruction of health facilities over the past few days. The facilities were targeted over their participation in the Ebola response.

The nurses asked local authorities to take steps to tamp down the violent threats and said they will go on strike if the threats don't stop.

Also, the ministry said targeted violence in Beni and Lubero has led several doctors and nurses to move or temporarily leave their homes, forcing some health facilities to close their doors. It added that the worst area is Kyondo health zone, where Kyakumba Reference Health Center has been closed since May 21 owing to physician and nursing staff fearing for their safety.

Since Aug 1, 132 attacks against medical units have been reported, which has resulted in 38 injuries and [5] deaths in health workers and patients, the ministry said. . . .

Separately, by Tuesday night, I'll likely have offered some revised Brexit thoughts, given the Boris election junk in the UK. . . . enjoy a peaceful Memorial Day 2019, now, one and all.


Sunday, May 26, 2019

[U] And... Trump's Diversion Of Funds For His Adder-Wall® Is Enjoined...

I really don't want to waste any more of a holiday weekend pointing out the obvious. Trump is again. . . a loser.

In two cases we've covered here, in the past -- Trump has been enjoined, in both.

First, the wall (as we said) is no true emergency. So, his diversion of funds to build it was preliminarily enjoined Friday.

Separately, the purported ban on abortion (to go effective July 1, 2019) in Alabama has been enjoined the day after the ACLU brought suit. So it is stayed until all appeals are concluded. The able judge there opened his opinion with "here we go, again. . ."

Updated — here is why he lost on the banking and accountants’ Congressional Subpoena matters: no president, acting alone, may repeal 2 U.S.C. § 192, simply by telling his bank to willfully violate federal law.

Similarly, no president may “insta-repeal” the Ethics in Government Act, the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974, the War Powers Resolution, and the Independent Counsel Statute… all passed after Watergate — by his filing of a specious suit.
That was not a close call. Not even remotely close.
Finally, last night while decrying a former vice president of the United States as a "low IQ moron" (by tweet). . . Trump misspelled Mr. Biden's last name. It is all of five characters long. BTW, he expressed approval of North Korea's murdering dictator in the same tweet, seeming to prefer that dictator, over a prior US VP. Those are truly the ravings of a demented, bitter old man.