Saturday, January 20, 2018

Over A Million People Turn Out, Nationwide -- Women's March 2.0

Here in the City of Big Shoulders, the local turnout total was reliably estimated at 50,000 stronger than last year's march -- hitting 300,000. And unsurprisingly, almost all were chanting that 45. . . has to go:

That (above) is reality, in near real time -- in stark contrast to Trump's trolling tweets of this afternoon. Onward.



Anonymous said...

So, since everyone seems to be saying the Dems got played on the shutdown and that the House won't consider the immigration plan set by the Senate:

and that Sessions was questioned by the Mueller team:

What do you think the odds are that the investigation is coming to a head and the Dems are hedging?

condor said...

Uncharacteristically, ive been hit with a flu that makes me quite dizzy when out of bed... so I’ll have to get back to you — and the readership here more generally — in a few days.

Been wiped out since Sunday afternoon... ugh.

Hoping to be back online by Friday.


Anonymous said...

As we all get older, that bug gets tougher and tougher to fight. Be easy on yourself and rest.
Be well~~

To add fuel to the fire, it appears even more of Trump's inner circle have been questioned:

condor said...

Indeed! Hoping for Mr. Mueller’s strong hand to appear, and right soon!