Monday, July 24, 2017

[U X2] More Kabuki Theater (No Repeal; No Replace) -- The Senate's Latest "No Bill" Edition...

UPDATE: 07.25.2017 @ 2 PM EDT: Let us assume for a moment that Senator McCain votes to open debate. The GOP Majority Leader McConnell will then move to replace that bill with a MODIFIED House version, or any Senate version. Any Democrat will then make a point of order -- and have the Parliamentarian rule (as she already has, correctly) that since the bill contains non-trivial changes to the deficit under the so-called Byrd rule (all of them do), then any additional votes to proceed will require. . . 60 votes. And the whole silly charade dies right there. No bill; no law; No Orange Care. Game over. [UPDATE Thursday at 1 PM EDT -- there were lots of genuinely goofy GOP Senate maneuvers, but now even the "skinny repeal version" is dead. Told ya'.] I am still hopeful that Sen. McCain will make a speech and then vote it DOWN -- as he ought to, and as he has said he would, on prior versions. Onward -- roll-call vote on the floor of the Senate, in about 20 minutes.

UPDATE @ 11:25 PM EDT: It seems Senator McCain will travel to DC for the Senate vote, tomorrow. I am gratified to hear that he is well enough to travel. I still see the GOP as one vote shy of being able to even begin the process. But we shall see. [End, updated portion.]

Back in very early May, we laughed at the US House version of this nonsense.

With Mr. Trump once again issuing mind-bogglingly stupid (i.e., non-operative) threats, now it seems it is the Senate's turn, as early as tomorrow, to yet again fail to bring any measure to the floor for any debate -- on health care.

In order to even begin the process, the GOP Majority Leader McConnell needs. . . 50 votes. Senator McCain is (God bless him -- we wish him a speedy and complete recovery!) being treated for an aggressive form of brain cancer, so he may will not be present, in DC tomorrow -- count him out. That makes the math. . . one vote: and that one vote -- Senator Collins (R, ME) just told the world she won't vote for even opening a floor debate, in the Senate. The latest edition Kabuki show is DOA, once again. But threatening is all Mr. Trump can think of -- he's a one note Charlie. Per the New York Times, just now:

. . . .Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine, appears all but certain to vote no on the procedural vote, regardless of what legislation Mr. McConnell promises to put before the chamber if the initial hurdle can be cleared. . . .

At least two other Republicans, Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, have indicated they will not vote to proceed if Senate leaders plan to then put forth a bill that would repeal the health law without providing a replacement. . . .

And there is not even an operative draft of a replacement measure, in the Senate, now. Y A W N. So it goes -- just as we said -- no bill -- no law, certainly, until after the 2018 mid-terms. And more likely -- never. Obamacare will remain the law of the land. Have a great evening, one and all -- I'm out!


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