Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Merck Sees Post-Market Study Outcome Disappointment, With Keytruda®, In Advanced Head And Neck Cancers...

The truth of it is small, in actual financial effect. That is, the study null-result was limited to patients who had failed other earlier treatments. And in most other cancers, the Kenilworth agent has been outstanding (so, too has the BMS agent).

And so, candidly -- I expect very little in the way of lasting NYSE price impact, come morning. Here's a bit, from Stat (but most major outlets have stories tonight):

. . . .Merck’s checkpoint inhibitor Keytruda doesn’t help patients with advanced head and neck cancer live longer, but the failed phase 3 clinical trial, announced Monday night, won’t compel the FDA to rescind the drug’s conditional approval, the company said. . . .

We shall have to wait and see -- but with Merck's Q2 2017 earnings call looming this Friday I don't expect any big dip. Now, the sheets are chanting my name -- sweet and low -- but chanting, just the same. Smile. . . g'night, one and all!


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