Monday, June 5, 2017

[U] Part II Of "Stand, And Deliver" -- On The Muslim Ban(s) -- Likely Many More To Come

UPDATED, on Monday afternoon: It seems that both the plaintiffs themselves, and The Washington Post, have agreed with my assessment -- and/or come to it, all on their own -- as have most of the thinking lawyers on the planet. In my opinion, all of this simply proves Mr. Trump's own lawyers have told him his Muslim Ban is a dead letter, as a matter of law. So from now, it will all be political theater on this topic, from 45 -- it may all be safely ignored. [End, Update.]

Over the weekend, I barely mentioned (by way of footnote comment) a few stupid, self-absorbed, border-line unhinged and hateful tweets by our 45th President. I wanted to leave it at that -- just a short comment, for the record.

This morning, on Monday, clearly addled and still foaming -- Mr. Trump amped up his illogical, hate-filled rhetoric -- linking it firmly to his ten (count 'em -- ten) straight losses on his Muslim Bans, One and Two.

Perhaps the most appalling tweet of all, though, came just a moment before I posted this. He doubled down on his attack on the Mayor of London (charming) -- sharpening his weekend remarks (to appeal to the "scowling primitives"), and geometrically so:

. . . .28 min ago -- Pathetic excuse by London Mayor Sadiq Khan who had to think fast on his "no reason to be alarmed" statement. MSM is working hard to sell it!. . . .

That's. . . disgusting. The Mayor of London is America's steadfast ally. He is in a rough patch, and 45 decides to attack him, personally. And very much in public -- oaf-ish. He is no longer a president I will even remotely respect (not even out of respect for the office). He is no king. He is. . . a child.

I have not included the above tweet in the image at right -- because all the others are simply childish. The ones at right are pretty solid proof he knows his Muslim Ban is dead, in the SCOTUS. [The highly esteemed Lyle Denniston agrees with my Friday night assessment -- that the speedy route the Supremes are choosing here, is a bad omen for 45.]

So Mr. Trump has turned to making political hay, with his base of "scowling primitives" (as George Will has so aptly dubbed them). If you click the image at right, I've highlighted the portions of each tweet which increase the odds the Supremes will take judicial notice of his admissions, and strike his Muslim Ban(s) permanently. Could be a 9-0 opinion now.

But aside from his political theater, it is truly a Scowling Primitive-in-Chief that publicly attacks an allied Mayor addressing a terror attack, in real time -- with the signature stiff upper lip the British always evince in public. Mr. Trump is a man-child with a hammer -- and he smashes it on his glass Twitter table, almost every early morning. America ought to just tune his tweets out. They are devoid of any actual thought -- and look more like headaches with pictures (as Fry so famously said).

I'm out. His Ban is dead.



Condor said...

Ahem. Another footnote -- just to keep track of how much of an unhinged lunatic Mr. Trump is.

Based on these NYT reports, at day's end on Monday (and quoting British government sources), one of the lead attackers in London was a British citizen. The other, a long term resident of London. [The third is unknown, at this point.]

So -- Mr. Trump's "travel ban" -- or Muslim Ban, on refugees recently entering. . . . wouldn't have been effective in any way, to mitigate that attack (even if we conveniently forget that London is an ocean away from New York).

Yet the "idiot-in-chief" says London makes the case for his banning order, an ocean away. Poppycock, say I -- to quote the Brits.


June 5, 2017 at 5:19 PM

condor said...

And, here on Tuesday morning, we learn via the Wa Po that the third attacker was also a long-time local British resident. Every bit of Mr. Trump's tweets prove to be. . . misinformed and ill-logical. But I suppose am saying nothing new, there.