Friday, June 2, 2017

SCOTUS UPDATE, Friday Night: Muslim Ban 2.0 On A Blazingly Torrid Pace...

Less than 20 elapsed hours after receiving some 880 pages (when one counts exhibits and lower court opinions) from the Trump Administration, seeking review of Muslim Ban 2.0, the Supremes have ordered the thus far prevailing plaintiffs to explain whether they think certiorari is warranted -- on the favorable (to plaintiffs) decision from the Fourth Circuit. And to do so, within ten elapsed days.

It is safe to say that only in death penalty cases, with an execution date set by the state within days or weeks, do we generally ever see such tightly-compressed time lines -- at the nation's highest court.

This in turn speaks to the gravity of the matters contested in Ban 2.0 -- they truly do strike at the core of who we are, as a nation. I will speculate, as I now tuck into my wedge of warm red velvet cake(!), that the high court wants to dispose of this case, on the merits -- and to do so, quickly. I additionally think the plaintiffs' teams will not vigorously oppose certiorari, as they too want it all finally settled -- in the favor of the paramount First Amendment values.

So, yes -- I take this as a good omen for the teams that are at least 10-0 thus far, in the federal courts on the issues:

. . . .FRIDAY, JUNE 2, 2017



The respondents are directed to file a response to the petition for a writ of certiorari on or before 3 p.m., Monday, June 12, 2017. . . .

Now you know -- 'night one and all -- GospelFest, tomorrow -- then to see "Black Pearl" a musical adaptation of Josephine Baker's story (local theater tix), tomorrow night. Onward -- with a knowing grin.



condor said...

I'll leave this only as a footnote. It deserves mention only to preserve the record.

Any human with a working forebrain understands that Mr. Trump's overnight tweets on the terror in London are illogical; and one offers a psychopath's narcissism, for the world to see.

The illogical two include suggesting that the attacks are an argument against gun control in the US, and suggesting his Muslim Ban 2.0 would have prevented a car attack in London, before the backgrounds of the attackers are known. There is no evidence they were recent arrivals in the U.K., as of yet.

But my bone is with the psychopath (and earlier, his son), who criticize the Mayor of London for speaking in resolute terms, during each of the latest London attacks.

This is no man. This is a narcissistic child. None of this is about him; but he criticizes our allies during crises.

What a... P I G.

No Namaste, for Trump today.

Hey -- that rhymes!

condor said...

Ahem. Mr. Trump went full-on unhinged this morning -- on Monday -- attacking his own lawyers, and undercutting his own case for the Muslim Ban. He's doubled down on all this hate filled nonsense -- and appallingly sharpened his very public attack, on our ally -- the sitting Mayor of London (and during a crisis, no less). He is. . . a lost soul.

As such, he's earned an entire new post, on the topic of the comment above.