Friday, June 2, 2017

[U] "Gee, Look-ie Here" Dept.: It's 356 Pages Of Turgid, Corpulent, Bloated And Poorly-Reasoned Nonsense -- Cert. Sought In Muslim Ban 2.0

The Trump Administration has -- true to form -- offered a preposterously flabby, partially-incoherent "throw in the kitchen sink" style petition for a writ of certiorari overnight. [None of these guys will ever be able to write -- with panache -- even to save their lives.]

Here it is -- a lethargic 1.5 MB (356 page) PDF file. But you need not bother reading the most yawn-inducing Supremes filing in decades, as we should all know that despite the petition's many short-comings, the Supremes will grant cert., and take the case -- and soon.

It likely wouldn't matter what 45's lawyers wrote in it -- the question before the nation is almost unprecedented: Is the President allowed to violate the Establishment of Religion Clause of the First Amendment to the US Constitution, and by a simple[-ton's] executive order, no less? I think not. But the Supremes are the final arbiter of that notion. So they will take the case. If for no other reason than to rule that we elect presidents, here. . . We don't crown. . . kings. [Thus the reference to "Hamilton", at right.]

I should also note that when the Ninth publishes its opinion, the Supremes will likely review it -- even without a motion, and the final nine-justice series of opinions, lined-up, will likely address that forthcoming Ninth Circuit reasoning as well. The Court will make a definitive pronouncement -- of that much I am certain.

I'll not quote from the application, at all -- for it will be but a dead footnote, in the history of Constitutional jurisprudence.

We may see oral argument before the high court, even by the first Monday in October. Onward. Glorious morning here. . . "I love the smell of burning brief, in the morning -- it smells like. . . victory. . ."(!) Yes -- at least 6-3 upholding the injunctions. I'll stick with that.


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