Sunday, June 11, 2017

[U] Exactly One Year On, Now -- An Update On Implications Of Any "Brexit" -- For Pharma And BioScience -- And The Timeline We Predicted...

I'll have more on all of this, Sunday at some point, after I've finished seasoning, prepping and grilling the requested baby-back ribs, whipped up the cornbread, and wilted/reduced the mixed greens (and assorted other sides) -- all for a feverish, yet slowly recovering (but thankfully recovering, just the same) elderly relative. My time line (from June 2016) still looks spot on -- if there is in fact ever to be a "Brexit", it won't be until late 2018 or even late into 2019, now. [Backgrounders here and here.]

UPDATE: I think it is too early to guess at what a "hung Parliament" may mean for that prospect -- and whether Prime Minister May still has the political wherewithal to make Brexit a reality, at all. Overnight, the Belfast Unionists have suggested there is "more wood to chop", with Ms. May's Tories -- before they might back her slowly emerging coalition government. So this "what's ahead" post will have to wait a few weeks. . . minimum. I still think my time-line will prove accurate, though. [End, update.]

More tomorrow late in the day/mid-evening, most likely.

Until then, then. . . . There is nothing more peaceful than watching a baby sleep, and hearing the nearly imperceptible, but steady rhythm of the rise and fall of their small lungs taking the warm late Spring night air in and out. . . . smile. Sleep well, one and all. . . . [and on a Sunday midday tangent -- I am smiling, wryly -- as I read that my cousins in Ireland intend to broadly protest should 45 still visit later this Summer -- based on his deplorable, insulting comments -- about the Mayor of London, among many other matters. He is truly. . . a lost soul -- and he will now cancel his UK visit, because he cannot stand to see the truth of what most people think of him, in a free society.]


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