Tuesday, May 30, 2017

What To Do, When Your Closest Advisor -- Your Son-In-Law -- Has Clearly Flirted With Treason, And You Cannot Get A Darn Thing Done...

Darn it all. I was genuinely intent on entirely avoiding direct mention of 45, this shortened work week -- but his latest tweet-storm is. . . newly, and differentially revealing, of a feckless man (no news there!), who doesn't even know. . . what he doesn't know. [Let's forget for a moment that he incessantly promised better and cheaper health care, to America, on the campaign trail. Now. . . he wants to spend MORE than ObamaCare presently spends -- if his larger tweet is to be read at face value, at right. Either way, he is likely lying, and just setting up a future tweet to blame the Senate and House when they cannot deliver the AHCA to his desk for signature.]

But back now, to the main narrative: I am certain that he believes that if he could just get one legislative win, all the stuff he (largely alone) regards as "fake" would evaporate. Not so, in the real world -- but his tweets reflect a new level of desperation -- driven I am certain, by a panicky need for any new MSM narrative change, away from Mr. Kushner's attempt at a secret line to Putin -- driven by said legislative "win".

Today he tweeted some unintelligible gibberish, quite obviously based on his conflated, convoluted and ill-informed guess, really -- at how both the filibuster rules, and the reconciliation processes work -- in the Senate, by rule. His smaller tweet at right suggests that he thinks eliminating the filibuster rule would give him an "easy win" on his tax abomination, and on health care. Not so. He doesn't have even 50 votes in the Senate -- on either idea. Not even close.

And the House hasn't passed a tax package. So, what all of this tells me is that Mr. Trump (once again) hasn't even bothered to listen past a ten second sound-bite -- to understand what the state of the play is, here. And we know he cannot parse the details of the complex and conflicting interests at work in health care generally -- he has admitted as much.

So our prediction stands -- nothing will get done on health care before 2018 mid-terms. And likely not after, since it seems increasingly likely that Mr. Mueller will have performed his post Archibald Cox surgery on Mr. Trump, and his son-in-law, by then. Yes that's a Nixon reference, folks.

And yes, I think Mr. Kushner was trying to sell Russians connected to Putin, in secret, on the idea that -- if the Trump empire received favorable financing terms -- or concessions (most likely), on outstanding loans -- then US policy would favor, and mirror -- Mr. Putin's autocratic, totalitarian world-view.

That's. . . treasonous, in my view.


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