Tuesday, May 23, 2017

No Surprise Dept.: "OrangeCare 2.0" Is STILL D.O.A. -- As Rep. MacArthur Bails From House "Tuesday Group" Leadership Seat

I post this updating item, primarily to suggest (once again -- confirming one of our longer term narrative lines, here) that it will be well-beyond 2018 mid-terms -- if ever -- that anything called TrumpCare 4.0 or 5.0 clears the reconciliation process. Moreover, in the nearer term, the Senate is highly unlikely to offer a package that appeases enough House members, and the House has already offered a "dead letter" bill -- one that the Senate will never pass.

So -- each will likely blame the other, and Mr. Trump will blame them both. Charming Kabuki Theater. But meanwhile, most of what these dolts called "ObamaCare" will roll onward with mostly minor tweaks, essentially as ObamaCare 2.0. That's my bet. [It is my additional bet (given last night's latest drop memos out of the US intel leadership ranks) that by late 2018, Mr. Trump won't be in the office, to sign whatever this mythical unicorn might look like -- so whatever it ultimately looks like, it will be called PenceCare. Or more realistically, and precisely. . . Nada-care -- since it will be a non-existent, all-vapor, no-law, anyway.]

From Politico, then, a bit:

. . . .Rep. Tom MacArthur resigned Tuesday as co-chairman of the caucus of GOP moderates known as the Tuesday Group in the wake of deep divisions among its members over the House Obamacare replacement bill he helped craft.

"You can’t lead people where they don’t want to go," MacArthur said in an interview with POLITICO New Jersey Tuesday morning. "I think some people in the group just have a different view of what governing is."

MacArthur announced his resignation as co-chairman moments ago during the group's regular Tuesday meeting in Washington. He said he alerted House Speaker Paul Ryan on Monday. . . .

It is. . . moderately puzzling, still -- that the electorate allowed all these nominal-GOP critters to lie to them -- and not even bother to tell remotely consistent lies, when they did so. Throughout the 2016 campaign, each wing of the GOP was telling mutually contradictory lies about the supposed "repeal and/or replace" efforts. And all the GOP faithful who voted Trump were incapable of, or (more likely) unwilling to do the rudimentary work. . . required to figure all of that out. And certainly unwilling to reconcile the language in the disparate positions.

That's how I see it -- and now you know -- exhausted, here. . . but full of joy -- and gonna' sleep solidly this evening! Onward, out into the luminous dawn tomorrow. . . .


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