Thursday, May 18, 2017

Switching Away From The Deadly Serious (Ebola) -- To Pure Farce -- Our 45th President's Tweet-Storms; And Presidency, More Broadly

I have decided this morning -- as I depart -- to close with a farce -- of epic proportions. [It is now a farce, primarily because 45 has been caught -- hand still in the cookie jar. See below.]

To be certain, there is more than a bit of a serious undertone here: as the revised masthead above implies -- I (albeit privately) found yesterday morning’s Russian/Putin “agitprop” salvo to be. . . just another in a long line of indignities to which Mr. Trump has willingly and fecklessly subjected the once-proud American people, before the world. Y A W N.

On the other hand, I suspect it was the last straw, for most of the elite GOP. In yesterday morning’s story, Mr. Putin offered to produce Russian-sourced but unspecified "transcripts" — ostensibly to exonerate Mr. Trump, in the Russian investigation.

With that, Mr. Putin achieved a master-stroke of Russian propaganda: offering the US Congress HIS Russian government resources, to help Mr. Trump hold on to his office — for at least a little while longer.

Genius, in the sheer audacity of it! In the cold light of the next morning, then, and setting aside Mr. Putin’s nonsense — let us consider what this says about the state of our (now, as of last night, clearly less-imperiled) Republic: the US Congress may at present be (at least marginally effectively). . . trolled, by the Russian President.

Why? Because our 45th President has gone out of his way to sidle up, and play "kissy-face" with him. [And that is the most charitable spin anyone can put upon Mr. Trump’s actions, taken as a whole.]

Our vulnerability to being trolled, or “agit-propped“, is a direct result of the amateurish positions our rank amateur President has taken, and continues to take. [Again, that is with a rosily charitable lens, as to his "on the record" remarks.]

And yesterday, by lunch, many elite Republicans (privately) I suspect -- declared what the rest of us long knew. This man — 45 — is unfit.

And so, by dinner time, we had word of a special independent counsel, with criminal charging authority -- who served under Bush 43rd, and our 44th President admirably -- as FBI Director for 13 years (yep -- Mr. Comey's immediate predecessor). Irony -- it's for me!

We will let the investigation go where it might -- but this is a post-Archibald Cox moment, Mr. Trump.

In truth, the warlock has already been "outed". He's. . . orange. And yes, I do think this morning marks the beginning of the end, of the Trump Presidency.

It may take eight more months, now. But likely not too much longer than that. Word.



Anonymous said...

nice opinion. I agree and feel so much relief for the country. Checks and balances at work.

condor said...

Smile. Thanks. Onward.


condor said...

Apparently (per the NYT), Mr. Trump is being urged by his advisors to hire a criminal defense lawyer -- here at lunch time.

That would be wise -- which is exactly why... I bet he won't heed. . . the advice.

Couldn't happen to a. . . nicer guy.