Friday, April 14, 2017

A Quiet Good Friday Update: NuvaRing® Settlement Status Hearing Delayed, Again...

It was early 2014, when an agreement in principle was reached to settle this litigation for $100 million.

As near as I can tell, there are still some class plaintiffs awaiting their checks. And the lawyers (especially on the defense side) continue to bill time, potentially delaying individual fundings (and in truth, even the plaintiffs' counsel -- likely not on an hourly rate any longer -- may be slowing the process a bit here, as well) -- in closing out this litigation.

So. . . I will admit to being frustrated -- as both sides seem to play (at least in part) a game of kick the can down the alley, from a prior April 18, 2017 status date -- to an unspecified date in June 2017, overnight. [See this Colorado side note, from over a year ago, now -- of some significant pathos, as background.]

Were I to simply adhere to my former covenants -- of Christian charity -- I would hold the thought that both sides are in earnest working diligently to close this out, and get the disbursements to all injured parties. And so, the thinking would run -- they didn't need to appear before the able federal District judge in Missouri, next Tuesday.

But for at least the last decade, I've lived as a Zen realist -- and held that one's life on Earth is as exactly as pleasant (or as awful) as one treats others -- even relative strangers.

Under this view, then -- there is no hell, after death (and thus no need for a church's forgiveness -- only the forgiveness of our fellow travelers) -- only the hell (or heaven) we create for ourselves here on Earth. Then the cycle starts anew -- next lifetime. I will hold the hope that only a few more women will have to wait for "their next life-times," to see this payout. Now you know. Onward, in somber fashion -- on Good Friday. Be safe and well, one and all of good will.



Anonymous said...

Time got away from me yesterday and I am off today. Have a wonderful Easter with your family! I'll reach out next week.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy yourself! No worries. . . smile. . .