Thursday, April 13, 2017

[U] Additional News, Out Of Austin, Texas: Council Approves Merck IT Incentives Package

Voting 7-3 in favor of the package, after less than an hour of discussion and debate, the Austin City Council this evening is making its bid to win the right to host Merck's fourth IT "hub" facility. [Our backgrounder, here.]

Kenilworth is reportedly talking to as many as 50 cities around the globe, about the IT hub, and the fairly high income jobs it will provide. Even so, the city council acknowledged that at least initially, most of the best jobs would be filled by people relocating from other Merck facilities around the globe -- not native Texans. Here's a bit -- from The Austin Statesman:

. . . .According to the proposal, the company would aim to create 119 full-time jobs and spend almost $6.4 million to equip a temporary facility by the end of this year.

The company also said it would invest almost $29 million over the next decade to build and equip its new innovation center, which would focus on large data collection and the design of technology platforms for “personalized, proactive and preventative health care,” the firm said in its application documents.

An economic impact analysis estimated the project would directly contribute $1.9 million to the city after subtracting the cost of the incentives.

Merck didn’t request incentives from Travis County. Projects of this size and scope often receive an additional grant from the Texas Enterprise Fund when they receive local incentives. Gov. Greg Abbott hasn’t announced any such grant. . . .

Now you know. . . Ahem. I hear some upstart warm-weather hockey franchise (what on Earth might those youngsters know of cold steel, on hard ice?) is still ahead, 1-0 on my storied tribe of 'hawks, on the west side -- and in the third, to boot. Hmmmm. . . this simply won't do. Won't do -- at all. I guess I'll have to put the TV on, and straighten things out -- wasn't even looking.

[Updated, Good Friday 2017, at dawn:] The upstart's goalie, one Pekka Rinne, looked flawless in net, last evening -- so congrats, whippersnappers -- but will he sustain that immaculate net-minding, for a best of seven? We shall see. . . Smile. . . .


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