Tuesday, July 14, 2015

NuvaRing® Settlement Status Conference In federal District Court In Missouri Thursday: The Agenda

The process continues to proceed apace -- but we are still many months from a check mailing date, here.

I'll attach the presently proposed form of order, for procedural matters, and proof -- that will likely be required, in order to make a non MDL claim. It is probable that some version of this six page PDF will be adopted shortly after the July 16, 2015 hearing, by the court. [The separate issues raised by opt-outs are discussed here, in my backgrounder, from August 2014.] In any event, the hearing agenda:


COMES NOW Counsel for Defendants and Plaintiffs’ Negotiating Counsel and hereby submit the following matters for discussion during the July16, 2015 Status Conference:

1. Status update on the completion of the claims process, and the commencement of payments from the QSF Administrator for the NuvaRing Resolution Program.

2. Status of cases pending in NuvaRing MDL No. 1964 not participating in the NuvaRing Resolution Program:

a. Proposed Order Regarding Fact Discovery for Certain Pending Cases Not Participating in the NuvaRing Resolution Program, attached as Exhibit A;

b. Proposed revised Order Regarding Preservation of Record and Prima Facie Evidence of Usage, Injury and Causation Requirements for Pending Cases Not Participating in the NuvaRing Resolution Program and Newly Filed or Transferred Cases, attached as Exhibit B;

3. Requested Date for next Status Conference of December 17, 2015. . . .

Onward, with high res Pluto photos due into NASA by 3 pm Eastern Daylight Time, tomorrow! Woot!

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