Thursday, April 13, 2017

[U] Any Evidence Of Organic (Life-Made) Methane, On Saturn's Enigmatic "Tiger-Striped" Moon Enceladus?

It is time to find out -- NASA press briefing just now beginning. More soon.

Updated: It is more likely chemical methane, but see graphic at right. Per, then:

. . . .The new study indicates that the floor of Enceladus' ocean likely features hot water vents, similar to the ones that host lush ecosystems at the bottom of Earth's oceans. . . .

The alien ocean also features a type of molecule frequently used as a food supply by life-forms on Earth. . . . . . . .

Be well, one and all. May just be geo-chemical methane. . . . sigh.

And now, in every bit as vulgar a fashion -- as the Cassini golden spacecraft, twisting slowing out there, in the dark is elegant . . . 45 is dropping massive GBU-43/B conventional weapons -- in Afganistan. I am deeply saddened, and may not update this until late tonight. . . . Why does it always eventually turn to hate -- and death, with him? This after we killed 18 local friendly forces, this morning, by mistake. Is he just trying to control the news cycle, with this giant of a bomb? Disgusting.

[And, from Longfellow, modified:] Voices soft, and deep, and serious. . . words that whispered ["thy skin -- like. . . heroin"]. . . songs that haunted. . . . G'morning, on a Good Friday. . . .


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