Tuesday, September 29, 2015

"Some Days, This Stuff Just Writes Itself": Reprised From September 2009

Given the propensity of Mr. Shkreli to continue to damage his private company's brand -- and his own meager credibility -- in the last two weeks, I thought it would be useful to rerun my September 2009 piece -- on his "Godpharma" -- one fast Fred Hassan. Mr. Hassan did pretty much the same, by blogging -- in intemperate fashion -- in those days. Morever, the two were thick as thieves not long after this post -- as Hassan was investing in, and guiding the young Shkreli (albeit at his former company), according to numerous MSM published reports. So here it is, in full (I did update the graphic, a bit, though -- at right):

Some days, this blog just writes itself. Today is one of them, per the WSJ Health Blog:
. . . .Ever since Merck announced it was taking over rival Schering-Plough, inquiring minds have wanted to know: What will Schering-Plough CEO Fred Hassan do next?

Perhaps now we have a clue: Hassan is joining us bloggers, at least for some of his time.

In a Huffington Post piece, Hassan weighed in yesterday on the health-care debate, arguing that the discussion has unwisely ignored serious and long-term threats such as Alzheimer’s disease. . . .

The deal for the very-life of his company hangs in the balance. . . and he is off, blogging? Cool. I can FINALLY relate.

Credit for the original work on the fabulous graphic, at right, goes to "The Insider" PharmaGossip.

Overall, though -- sometimes, the truth is far stranger than anything we could make up. . . . This is one of those times, for dead certain (Kudos to The Insider!):

The music in that clip is (given the subject matter, to my ear, at least). . . soul-less, overwrought and sinister. . . perfectly evocative, of the 2015 -- and 2009 -- versions, no? Onward, just the same.


Condor said...

I should note that an anonymous visitor from E.m. Warburg, Pincus & Co.'s backbone was the inspiration for this post.

The visitor searched for -- and viewed -- the original September 2009 item referenced.

Sweet -- and, namaste. . .

Condor said...

That visit is imaged, here (in context). . .