Wednesday, September 16, 2009

WSJ: BREAKING! -- Fred Hassan, Huff Po Blogger!?!

Some days, this blog just writes itself. Today is one of them, per the WSJ Health Blog:

. . . .Ever since Merck announced it was taking over rival Schering-Plough, inquiring minds have wanted to know: What will Schering-Plough CEO Fred Hassan do next?

Perhaps now we have a clue: Hassan is joining us bloggers, at least for some of his time.

In a Huffington Post piece, Hassan weighed in yesterday on the health-care debate, arguing that the discussion has unwisely ignored serious and long-term threats such as Alzheimer’s disease. . . .

The deal for the very-life of his company hangs in the balance. . . and he is off, blogging? Cool. I can FINALLY relate.

Credit for the original work on the fabulous graphic, at right, goes to "The Insider" PharmaGossip.

Overall, though -- sometimes, the truth is far stranger than anything we could make up. . . . This is one of those times, for dead certain (Kudos to The Insider!):


Anonymous said...

So where's the theme music?

You should have it play every time someone opens SGP until you have to put this one in the archives.


Condor said...

Great Idea -- When home tonight, I can rig up an mp3 file to play. . . .

Mournful, somber. . . sinister!


Anonymous said...

Senate hearings on CME focused on Schmerck today


condor said...

Thanks, Salmon --

[I almost forgot about pharmalittle -- an unwise move, to be sure!] Now, CardioBrief certainly did -- but the hearings were held on July 29, 2009 -- and the Senate Special Committee on Aging hasn't made the full Report from that session (which contains the figures the WSJ and CardioBrief have discussed) available in electronic format, yet.

I suspect it will be used as preemptive press material, once the fight for Baucus' Plan intensifies. I still haven't secured the press credentials needed to gain the special access the WSJ and CardioBrief enjoy -- to immediate paper records.


insider said...