Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Vast Bolus Of Cancer Study Abstracts To Be Released Tonight: ASCO 2015 Coming Up In June

As was true last year, this is yet another great year to have ASCO here in Chicago. I'll very likely pop over. This is a very heady moment -- in the now exploding scientific developments -- around human immuno-oncology candidates, to be sure. . . .

Many a preview will be released later tonight. [And to be very clear here -- I still look for BMS's Opdivo® to keep a solid 12 month lead in NSCLC.] The next battleground (after the current trio) is shaping up to be head and neck cancer -- let's listen in, to CNBC's coverage, shall we? Yes, let's:

. . . ."Key is whether [AZ's] MEDI4736 can achieve similar efficacy compared to Merck's pembro but with a better toxicity profile," Scala wrote in a Wednesday preview note. "The ASCO update should indicate whether AstraZeneca or Merck has the lead in head and neck cancer," Scala wrote. That's important because it's likely the first type of cancer outside of melanoma and lung cancer for which Merck will file for approval.

Scala also highlighted several studies of Bristol-Myers' Opdivo, also known as nivolumab, in renal cell carcinoma and nonsmall cell lung cancer. A study in the latter indication was stopped early for positive efficacy in January, "but this is the first time that we see full data," Scala wrote. . . .

Busy with the day gig, here -- do stay frosty. I'll update this item if we learn something remarkable later tonight -- around 11 PM EDT. Onward.

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