Monday, January 27, 2014

Mark Timney Leaves His Merck US Post -- To Become CEO of Purdue Pharmaceuticals LP

Merck loses some more executive level talent -- with deep payer navigation experience -- here in the US. Mark also led a team that delivered the launch of boceprevir (for Hep C) into US markets. To be fair, his path looks wider at Purdue than it did, at mother Merck.

And Purdue, the generic company perhaps best known for Rush Limbaugh's (allegedly former) recreational chemical of choice, OxyContin® -- gains a deeply experienced leader, in its new President and CEO. John H. Stewart, the current Purdue CEO, is now retiring. Here's a bit -- do go read it all at Pharmaceutical Processing:

. . . .Purdue Pharma L.P. today announced that the company's Board of Directors has appointed Mark Timney as President and Chief Executive Officer.

"We found a proven leader in Mark Timney," said Dr. Raymond Sackler, co-founder and board member of Purdue. "I am confident that his capabilities and experience, coupled with Purdue's culture of excellence, will grow our business and strengthen our healthcare industry leadership." Mark brings more than 20 years of pharmaceutical sales and marketing experience to Purdue, including success in designing and executing strategies to achieve market leadership. Prior to joining Purdue, he was President of Merck US, where he managed Sales & Marketing, Managed Markets, and Payers. With Mark's guidance, Purdue will continue advancing breakthrough research and development initiatives and pioneering new commercial models.

"I'm honored to begin this new journey at Purdue Pharma, the industry leader in developing innovative medicines to relieve the burden of pain," said Mark Timney. . . .

So it goes, but this is the guy most responsible for integrating the Aza-Site® othamalogy product lines when Merck acquired Inspire; and now that that those rights have been sold off (at a bargain-basement valuation) -- to Akorn, Inc. -- it makes sense that he has chosen to move on with his career, as well.


Anonymous said...

As a former Merckie, I take exception with the characterization of deep payer navigation experience. A credible intl marketer, but far from a payer expert and notably absent any US experience. Rise to stardom, and eventually his fall from grace, was fluency in corporate-speak but devoid any semblance of charisma or ability to communicate effectively. Team-building and toughness were major deficits. He was in way over his head from the get-go.

Condor said...

Fair enough.

Thanks for stopping by -- I am of course repeating what Purdue is touting -- as their board's reasoning for his hiring.

I am sure your mileage will vary -- as is true of many ex-Merkers...

No offense intended -- and thanks for taking the time to write... Do stop back by!


Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Anonymous said...

Hey -- twist away, copper goddess of the crinkled nose... smile.