Monday, January 13, 2014

UPDATE: Akorn (Sly John Kapoor!) Paid Only 1.23 Times Sales -- For The Three Branded Opthalmic Franchises!

Likely my last update for the evening, now.

Again, from Merck's FAQ -- tonight:

. . . .On November 15, Merck sold the U.S. rights to three branded ophthalmic products to Akorn, Inc. for $52.8 million. Products included in this transaction are AzaSite®, COSOPT® and, COSOPT® PF. The annual sales associated with these ophthalmic products are approximately $43 million. . . .

And so -- again, based on my experience, here -- Kapoor and Akorn got a great deal. I'd expect no less from him. He is one cool customer. Again, Merck likely took a haircut -- as it simply decided to exit non-core business lines. Kudos -- to John Kapoor -- he was certainly "in the right place, at the right time," on this one.

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