Friday, August 13, 2010

Dutch R&D Workers Tell Merck To Sell Organon Back -- To An EU Company

As one of the Dutch papers put it overnight, Organon (a legacy Schering-Plough acquisition) is seeking a "restart" -- with a new parent, based in Europe -- one other than New Merck:

. . . .Pharmaceuticals company Organon wants owners Merck to sell the company rather than move its R&D unit to the US and shut down its production lines, according to anonymous sources in Friday's Financieele Dagblad.

Organon is a niche player in women's health, producing contraceptive pills, fertility treatments and hormones. It was taken over by pharmaceuticals giant Merck in 2009.

According to the sources, there are a few companies in Europe active in women's health that would be a good match for Organon.

The company [MSD] declined comment. . . .

This sort of less-than-flattering patter will almost certainly roll on in the papers in Europe well into the fall.

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