Monday, March 5, 2018

Propecia® (Finasteride) Federal MDL Deadlines Extended... In Brooklyn, By Telephone Conference, Today.

Here is that minor update -- do see the blue ital bolded bit of text in the pull-quote, below.

In addition, an anonymous commenter (on the backup site) had this afternoon asked for the original version of the federal MDL order that set out the required symptoms -- for inclusion, in the federal bellwether trial pool. I have returned that eight page PDF from September 2015 to the top of the heap tonight, and would point to paragraph 5 -- found on page three. Now you kn0w -- and today's order, in fill text:

. . . .Minute Entry and Order for telephone conference held before Judge Brian Cogan on 03/05/2018.

Counsel for defendants and for Plaintiffs' Executive Committee present.

Defendants' time to reply to plaintiffs' oppositions to the motions in limine and for summary judgment is extended to 04/10/2018.

Further extensions unlikely. So Ordered by Judge Brian M. Cogan. (Clarke, Melonie). . . .

As an aside -- the Sam Nunburg (largely baffling) rants of this afternoon on cable news suggest either a substance abuse problem, or a true unraveling of the coordinated lies regarding that June 2016 Russia meeting, for the 45 campaign folks, at Trump Tower. I suspect the latter, more than the former. Mueller has 45 dead to rights, now, I suspect. Watch and see. G'night all. . . . and four days until Martin Shkreli learns his sentence. But I for one see at least a lost decade, there.


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