Saturday, March 3, 2018

[U X2] "Slim Freedom", A/K/A Ms. Ashley Stevenson... Has Restored My Faith... In Who We Are -- As One UNITED People...

UPDATED Sunday Evening: It turns out she records and tours, now under the name "Slim Freedom". Sweet!

On this clear, cold Saturday evening, I will post a YouTube of a woman artist -- one I've been searching for, for three years, on and off. . . .

As I was hurrying to switch trains, some three Marches ago, I heard just the very last bit of her version of Stevie Nick's "Landslide" -- then. . . I never saw her again.

I became convinced that someone, somewhere, in the City of Big Shoulders. . . must have recorded her -- at least once -- and put on YouTube. At least I hoped so.

Tonight (in a minor miracle), I found her -- just searching "Landlside" cover videos. Her name is Ashley Stevenson. On Monday, I am going to find out whether she still holds a city street performer license -- or (hopefully) whether she is playing sets now, in some venue.

And often, it seems -- it is the smallest thing -- like re-hearing a song I loved as a high school kid -- in an astonishingly new way, that reaffirms my faith that we as a people will go on -- we will thrive -- we will be a unified nation, once more. G'night. . . .


UPDATED, Sunday at Dawn: we say "travel well, and travel light" -- to Roger Bannister, the first four minute miler:

And speaking of travelling, now headed north -- by car -- to have brunch with my grad school kids! Perfect (and clear) morning. . . St. Patrick's soon arrives, too. . . smile.


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