Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Lest There Be Any Doubt -- About Where Muslim Ban 2.0 Is Generally Headed...

As I earlier said they would, the fine lawyers at the pro bono legal clinic arm of the prestigious Yale Law School have just now (about 14 days later) made available the full unredacted settlement agreement -- in the New York (Brooklyn) federal District courthouse. This is a trial court level agreed settlement. That's significant. No appeal sought by, or available to, 45's lawyers.

Do consider, as you read it, that the Trump Administration has by agreement surrendered a complete win here -- to the people detained at JFK that night. Consider what that means: the government -- just about a week and a half ago, agreed to eviscerate by settlement, the guts of Ban 2.0. That my freinds, is a more candid assessment of where 45's lawyers actually think the Supremes are going to come out, on the bans. Here's just a bit, from that agreement:

. . . .We wrote to you before because you have not entered the United States.

If you still want to travel to the United States, you may contact your nearest U.S. embassy or consulate. You may also contact non-governmental organizations and attorneys that might be able to assist you free of charge. (See attached.)

We wish to advise you that, should you wish to apply for a new visa, Executive Order 13,769 has been revoked and you are free to pursue a new visa application at any time. The previous revocation/cancellation of your visa pursuant to Executive Order 13,769 will not adversely affect a new visa application. . . .

Of course, we are precluded by U.S. law from guaranteeing that you will be found eligible for and issued a visa. We are additionally precluded from providing any guarantee that you will be granted admission at a port of entry should you be issued a visa. Nevertheless, we assure you that any application will be given proper consideration. . . .

Now you know. Onward -- as we await word that one Martin Shkreli (the pocket-sized pharma bro-heem), thrice felony convicted -- has been carted off to the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center -- in about three elapsed hours. This -- as his bond is revoked. There he will stay, until his sentence is pronounced -- that's my prediction. Smile. What a great afternoon, indeed.


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