Monday, August 28, 2017

[U] Oral Argument -- On Hawaii v. Trump Underway, In Seattle -- Muslim Ban 2.0 To Die...

UPDATED 09.07.2017 @ Late PM: 45 was defeated again -- in a 36 page three to zero decision against his cramped reading of the Supremes' cert. order. On to October, now! End updated portion.

This matters only a little, since the Supremes have taken it all on cert., but here it is:

I am listening in, as Panel Judges Hawkins, Paez and Gould ask questions -- and will live blog here, if anything unexpected occurs. Follow along if you like -- here is a live YouTube stream.

I expect a win for the State of Hawaii -- and a complete loss For 45. UPDATED: nothing I just heard, in the last hour or so, of live argument and questioning, has changed that expectation.

Now you know -- but we will all wait in any event, for the second Monday in October, before the Supremes, next.


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