Thursday, June 22, 2017

Merck And Premier Expand Vaccine- And Chronic-Patient Care/Affordability Alliance

Not Earth-shattering, by any means -- but (I think) likely a response to the lower rungs of the 45 Administration's (Scott Gottlieb and Tom Price, primarily) idealistic talking points -- about exploring ways to bring total costs in line with tangible patient benefits achieved.

[And as is true with so many US Health Care ideas en vogue today in 2017 -- it is, in many respects, a "retread" -- of Mr. Obama's suggestions from early 2011.]

Here it is, from Kenilworth's press release -- and a bit:

. . . .In 2016, Merck and Premier agreed to collaborate to develop and assess solutions that promote wellness and better care for specific groups of at-risk patients across the continuum. The organizations have now launched two projects under this collaboration model. One is a preventive care model that seeks to improve adolescent and adult vaccination rates. The other is a chronic disease model that includes a new focus on type 2 diabetes patients at risk of hypoglycemia, as well as osteoporosis identification and treatment (as announced in 2016).

“Our expanded collaboration allows us to more effectively support health systems and clinicians that are evolving from volume to value-based models, but lack adequate prevention and wellness solutions,” said Dr. Mimi Huizinga, M.D., chief health information officer at Premier. “We’ve been working with Merck to design data-driven interventions for some of the top population health challenges facing our country, and we’re eager to start testing them in the real-world.”

The vaccination and chronic care models combine the improvement expertise and technical capabilities of Premier with Merck’s education and therapeutic area expertise. The companies are now developing plans with interested health systems to test these models on the frontline, in real-world settings. . . .

Good ideas. . . are simply. . . good ideas, henceforth. Now you know, with a smile going out to one and all of good will -- which seems a smaller and smaller subset. . . indeed. Onward.


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