Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday Trivia: "New Rules" Edition -- From Another Property...

[Click the thumbnail masthead image above, to reach/read about it all, on the other property.] I am, by nature, a free markets adherent. So, I make very few rules here. I love the free-wheeling discussions. [And... just for fun, and for a little more "bonus" background -- here is the press letter brief, on access to voir dire sidebars -- from Tuesday -- and Mr. Shkreli's motion for a hearing, of last night -- regarding the government's right to conduct FBI interviews -- of defense witnesses. Both are PDF files.]

And now, the new rule: starting today, and until the verdict is announced, I am politely asking all commenters -- and I will try mightily to do so as well, in posts -- to refer to the primary defendant solely in honorable terms. We will call him "Mr. Shkreli" henceforth. I will edit future comments to fix it -- if it is an oversight.

The notion here is that the evidence alone will convict him.. There is plenty of it, and he creates more day by day -- as our commenters have quite ably noted. Most of it is now MSM fodder.

So, on the eve of trial -- I've updated the masthead, and made the above request -- that we accord him at least a modicum of professional respect. Our tiny blawg will not change any outcome -- and the MSM is likely to cover all of this far more graphically than we may -- but let's play fair, just the same.

Let the evidence do the talking, from here on.

Okay -- let 'er rip! Bring on the piping hot french fries, ketchup, icy real cane sugar Coke and if you'd like... popcorn.

I'd expect some final (weekend) orders out of the able Judge's chambers, in Brooklyn -- and I will post them, in near real time, from PACER -- then jury selection begins in earnest, on Monday morning. Have a restful, languid, free spirited weekend, one and all. I don't expect Mr. Shkreli will sleep (much) -- for at least the next six weeks.


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