Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Looks Like Team Trump May Be "Throwing In The Towel" -- In Brooklyn, On Muslim Ban 2.0

Do recall, dear readers, that Mr. Platt, Mr. Trump's lawyer, was granted only a two day delay last week. Recall further, that the able federal Magistrate Judge in Brooklyn has been pushing hard for the parties to reach a confidential settlement.

It seemed one was in the offing mid-last month -- but then fell apart. This case is still at the trial court level, while the one likely headed to the Supremes, on cert., is through the appellate process, already. Were I a betting man, I would say tonight's order means that we will read a full settlement order in Brooklyn, on the 14th or 15th, now. And most of the "giving" will come from Mr. Trump's team, I predict -- after his unhinged tweet storm of yesterday, undercutting Mr. Platt's central arguments. Here it is tonight:

. . . .ORDER: The Court held a telephone conference in this case on June 6, 2017, after receiving respondents' request to adjourn tomorrow's settlement conference in a confidential settlement statement.

The June 7, 2017 settlement conference is adjourned.

By June 14, 2017, the parties shall write to the Court to propose dates for the follow-up settlement conference. The proposed dates should work for all parties.

The parties are directed to file any future request for an adjournment on the docket as required by my individual rules. Ordered by Magistrate Judge Lois Bloom on 6/6/2017. . . .

It takes a couple of weeks to draft these settlement agreements, with lots of back and forth on language -- so I suspect there is a deal in principle -- being put down on paper. That's how I read the above.

With Mr. Comey set to testify Thursday morning, and Mr. Trump clearing his morning calendar, reportedly (multiple sources inside the West Wing being quoted by the NYT and Wa Po, for that notion) to tweet real time attacks on Mr. Comey (as he testifies, before Congress) we may soon see an indictment sought, by Mr. Mueller, from a federal grand jury, for obstruction of justice -- and then Muslim Ban 2.0 will almost certainly fade away, since there will be no chance of it ever taking effect. We shall see.

In truth, these still remain fairly perilous times for the survival of our American experiment -- as we the people are now facing down an out of control tyrant, on several fronts, within the checks and balances Mr. Hamilton left us.



Anonymous said...

It is not just the President but the leaders of the Republican party too. It appears to me that they refuse to hold him accountable. I wonder if the voting public will hold them accountable when the next election is held. I fear~~not.

Anonymous said...

In support of my argument:

condor said...

Oh Anon. --

You know I agree.

We are singing from the same score, to be certain... smile!


condor said...

Minor update to this post: USDC Judge has set June 19, 2017 as next settlement status update teleconference overnight. Onward.