Sunday, May 14, 2017

Current Congo Ebola Outbreak: An Estimated 125 "Contacts" -- Of The Three Known Fatalities

More difficult news, tonight, from Bas Uele Province. We will endeavor to keep a near real-time series of updated items near the top, on this current outbreak.

CNN has the latest:

. . . .Bas-Uele province, with a population of 900,000 in 2007, is mostly inhabited by the Boa tribe, which subsists through farming and hunting and conducts some trade by way of the Uele River. . . .

Health officials are investigating 17 other suspected cases, Dr. Ernest Dabire, WHO's health cluster coordinator, said Sunday in Kinshasa. He further estimated that 125 people had been linked to the confirmed Ebola cases and urged the public to be vigilant and visit their doctor if they experience fever or other symptoms. . . .

As you fall asleep safe and sound -- whole and healthy, tonight, count yourself blessed -- we should all reflect upon just how lucky we are -- by purely unearned random chance, of variant viral biology -- and of. . . again, random geography, by birth. That alone should be. . . decidedly humbling.


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