Friday, April 14, 2017

Without Any Ado, At All -- Or Any Explanation... I Give You... Kim Jon Shkreli!

I genuinely cannot tell if the Facebook user who photo-shopped this (click at right, to enlarge) intended it as deflating satire, or loving homage (as to either character) -- and I don't. . . care. Fair use -- for editorial comment -- is claimed by this site.

My comment is. . . damn.

Just. . . damn.

Enjoy one and all -- that's an (early) Easter goodie!

[Apparently Mr. Shkreli has been trolling undergrad meme boards at the University of Chicago, in Hyde Park -- this week. I am certain he is unaware just how. . . sad that seems to most of the sentient world. Hanging out with undergrads, as he approaches 1-1/2 times their age -- since (obviously) he had no comparable experience, at that point in his life. Speaks to a deep hole, in his soul. . . .]

All grins, here now. . . Nothing to be. . . serious about! नमस्ते

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