Saturday, April 15, 2017

This Past Week, Several Large Terrestrial Radio Telescopes Cooperated -- To "Image" A Black Hole's Event Horizon...

Using a virtual radio scope, essentially the size of the Earth itself (a half-dozen radio dishes, spanning the globe, were lashed to one another, by software links) -- the idea was to capture a non-visible light "image" of the black hole (and its event horizon) at the center of our own galaxy.

It seems that effort has succeeded. Late in 2017, we will see a representation at least -- of the most lonely of places -- a place from which no light, no heat  -- and no soft, lilting voices ever escape -- an event horizon. Where time itself. . . stops. [It will take weeks to process the data, into an image.]

Until we have that image -- transformed into visible wave-lengths -- for our human eyes to decipher. . . I will leave you with this, at right.

And. . . as I write this down, I know that any amount of  feeling alone is merely a matter of relative degrees -- it dawns on me that we are (as I've modified Taylor) -- simply raindrops on the midnight pavement of stars. . . . among hundreds of billions, in this local cluster alone.

Or as Milton wrote -- we look up, into a Milky Way, "powdered with stars. . . ." powdered with. . . in all likelihood, billions more of. . . us.

Humbling indeed, in her glistening, crinkled space near-eternity. . . [as she increments -- by two. Smile.]

Be well, one and all.


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