Thursday, March 23, 2017

In Other, Brighter, News... The Weather On The Sun Has Been Flawless -- For 16 Days Straight...

So, a solar minimum now approaches, over a three and a half year waning cycle. And that makes for a clear face, quite yellow and yolk-like, on the surface of our local star. Sweet.

[Of course, her placid present countenance, at the surface, is simply a form of gauzy, gossamer mask -- obscuring the raging fury beneath -- all as I try to bang out at least one post, to normalize, a bit. . . .] In any event, here's the bit:

. . . .For 15 days starting on March 7, 2017, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, or SDO, returned visible light images of a spotless sun. This is the longest stretch of spotlessness since the last solar minimum in April 2010, indicating the solar cycle is marching on toward the next minimum, which scientists predict will occur between 2019—2020.. . .

This should (in theory) mean fewer telecom outages, in evidence. At least as to those regularly -- and perhaps falsely -- blamed on sun-weather. Now you know. Onward.

With lyrics from last night, at Hamilton, rolling in my head: I resolve. . . to "smile more -- talk less. And [adding my own twist, here] laugh at those who absolutely falsely claim. . . righteousness. . . ."


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