Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Lenten Confessions: I'm Tardy -- With This, As Well...

While we wait to see whether 45's silly grandstanding on the "Orange-Care" health package will actually result in an "up or down" vote, in the US House. . . and then wait, ever more skeptically, to see -- even if the 30 some additional votes are found, in the House -- whether the US Senate will ever reach 60 votes, on the measure. . . [i.e., not plausible. . .] I'll drop in a belated bit of Kenilworth related near-trivia.

Yesterday, exactly as expected, Merck cleared all the relevant anti-trust baffles, and closed its $400 million South American animal health acquisition we discussed near Fourth Of July, last year. Here is a bit from Yahoo! Finance News:

. . . .Vallee S.A., a leading privately held producer of animal health products in Brazil, has [been acquired by Merck]. . . . Vallee also has its presence in other Latin American countries.

As per the terms of the agreement, Merck has acquired approximately 93% stake in Vallee for about $400 million. Vallee is a leader in the animal health care products segment in Latin America. . . .

Onward. With a purely-scientific (but largely unrelated) skepticism as my new watch-word -- I won't believe it -- until I see it, with my own eyes. . . . sadder, but wiser.


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