Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Merck Submits Simplified Jury Verdict Sheet, In Delaware Patent Hep C Row

Overnight in Delaware's federal District courts, Idenix (as Merck's prior interest holder) has shortened, narrowed -- and simplified -- its proposed form of jury verdict sheet. Even so, there is still a smallish possibility for the largest patent damages award, ever -- in the history of the US Courts system -- in favor of Merck. [It is a remote possibility, in my estimation, though.] We are now on day eight of this patent infringement trial -- the background, on this issue here.

[Separately, legacy Schering-Plough's long-troubled Zetia® (a $2.3 billion a year cholesterol management drug) has gone generic, with a US launch by Par/Endo, yesterday -- but that's been widely expected, and is priced in, on the NYSE. So you'll hear no more from me, about it, then.]

Here are the revisions, filed for the record (as a PDF file), overnight -- and a bit:

. . . .In light of the Charge Conference, the close of Gilead’s case-in-chief, and the narrowed issues on which Gilead has presented evidence including, e.g., certain claims asserted as anticipated and other claims asserted as obvious, Idenix respectfully submits the following Revised Proposed Verdict Form for the Court’s consideration. . . .

Now you know -- more holiday parties this afternoon, and into the evening. . . so it may well be a quiet blog-afternoon. Smile. . . and a very chilly one, to boot -- with serious negative digits expected overnight here. Do light a fire, as I know I will, to celebrate baby girl's birthday, too -- when I return to the city-flat, tonight. . . .


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