Saturday, October 22, 2016

Last Appearance: 1945; Last World Series Championship: 1908

So it's been since 1908:

Back when women
weren't yet enfranchised,
Henry Ford had just
introduced the Model T,
and the Wright brothers
had only recently
flown at Kitty Hawk. . .
ball clubs traveled
almost solely by
overnight trains. . . .
The very first Gideon
Bible was placed
in a hotel room that summer.

Teddy Roosevelt was President;
weeks later, William Howard Taft
beat William Jennings Bryan (an
earlier Trump-style
candidate); he was
elected our 27th President.

Cleveland -- the pending opponent -- last
won it in 1948; we last appeared in it
three years before that.

And. . . my grandfather was fourteen years old (World War I was still a long way off) when the Cubs last took a World Series pennant home -- for the hog-butcher to the world. His father's father had owned a tavern in Chicago, back then (and may have followed those Cubs, in his retirement, by newspaper reports) -- but my grandad's dad had moved to the Rockies, and become a miner, by the time my grandfather was born. . . .

I am silent. Dumbfounded -- without words. Four Three wins to go. Joe Tinker (above) is grinnin'. Whoosh -- g'night. . . .


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