Saturday, October 22, 2016

Condor's Conjecture Dept.: Did Shkreli Try (Impotently) To Influence KaloBios Chapter 11 Exit Valuations -- In The Spring of 2016?

At the head -- this is simply a Condor conjecture. Overnight, Mr. Shkreli announced via tweet that he is going to sue a company called AudioEye. Yawn.

It seems to be a perfectly fine company. But one of its current members of the smallish board of directors founded Batuta Advisors, a controlled/controlling affiliate of the entity that gave the independent financial advice and oversaw the valuation work -- (wait for it!) in the KaloBios Chapter 11 consensual workout.

Again, I am sure that director is an entirely ethical man. But I am equally sure Mr. Shkreli is. . . the opposite of all that. Just my opinion.

So in some more non-Merck-ified fare. . . I wrote this last night elsewhere.

Since we are offering pure trivialities on this Friday evening, let me close with an ironic one: Mr. Shkreli claims he lost over $1 million that he says he invested in something called AudioEye, and so he is (wait for it!) filing a securities class action suit. Uh-huh. And "the class" is... one person -- more of gnome if the truth be known, and less a fully formed human.

Martin Shkreli: "...I invested $1,050,000 in Audioeye and lost nearly all of it. I'm moving forward with a class action. RIP Audioeye..."

You see Mr. Shkreli, there have to be others similarly situated, for it to be even considered as a class action. But you go right on ahead, Perry Mason, Jr.!

It is fascinating, though that the founder of Batuta Advisors (remember that name from KaloBios' bankruptcy!?) is/was on the board of AudioEye. Click image at right to embiggefy, again.

Small world. Small world, indeed.

I am sure -- without doing any real diligence -- that AudioEye is a perfectly fine company. To elaborate on my guesses here, though, I could easily imagine that Mr. Shkreli THOUGHT (incorrectly, of course) that by putting $1 million into AudioEye, he'd be able to subtly influence the valuations -- and thus his ultimate payout -- in the KaloBios Chapter 11 exit.

He was incorrect simply because most business people endeavor to be honest.

In topsy-turvy Shkreli world, then -- being honest and doing one's job on a board or as an advisor is. . . a fraud -- at least as to Mr. Shkreli's (allegedly) dishonest schemes. So now he's suing AudioEye, in retribution. That's the Condor guess.

Yep -- That's my thought. Now you know. And. . . Go Cubs Go!


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