Monday, September 5, 2016

The Future Of Precision Medicine: President Obama Will Guest-Edit Wired's November Issue

I don't think a sitting President has ever guest-edited a magazine of national circulation before. That alone will make this worth a read.

I'll have to think a bit -- as to whether I think the founders would have approved, of such private sector activity. I guess (on reflection) I don't really care what the founders might have thought -- on the matter. So, I'll candidly admit to being excited by the grand marketing conceit of it. I've had a print subscription since its inception [and Omni, before that].

Here is The New York Times, overnight, on it:

. . . .“When the founders wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, they were at the bleeding edge of enlightenment philosophy and technology,” Mr. Dadich said in the announcement. “Franklin was talking about crazy stuff like electricity and communications networks. Paine gave up the copyright to Common Sense so it could get wider publication. . . .”

At Mr. Obama’s direction, the issue will focus on the future, the magazine said. Its theme will be frontiers: personal, local, national, international and beyond. (Think precision medicine, urban planning, civil rights, climate change and space travel). . . .

I do know that the precision medicine portion -- with Kenilworth's immuno-oncology efforts -- will make the editorial matter on topic for this blog. Count on that. Better graphics soon -- grinning sheepishly at that awful draft, at right. My apologies, Mr. President. And now, the grill calls to me. . .


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