Wednesday, September 7, 2016

After About $2.0 Billion In Write-Offs (2010 to 2012), Merck Sells Off Zontivity® US And Canadian Rights -- For $25 Million

When Zontivity® was shelved last month, we knew this day would come. It merits scant mention -- as it is not remotely material.

Here is the Reuters news brief, of early this morning, just the same -- for a complete record:

. . . .Aralez says asset purchase agreement entered into between Merck, and Aralez Pharmaceuticals Trading DAC, unit of Aralez. . .

Asset purchase agreement included an initial upfront payment of $25 million, which was paid from cash on hand. . .

Product rights, packaging, labeling and other responsibilities transferred to Aralez Pharmaceuticals. . .

Onward -- quite a come-down.


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