Friday, June 10, 2016

Merck To Pay Up To $1.25 Billion For Afferent's P2X3 Receptor Candidate In Phase 3

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Do go read it all at FierceBiotech -- but good news for Kenilworth's diversifying pipeline efforts:

. . . .Launched in 2009 with backing from Third Rock and Pappas, with Kevin Starr taking the chairman’s role, San Mateo, CA-based Afferent specialized in targeting the P2X3 receptor as a pathway to treating a variety of neurogenic conditions. Hitting this target should damp down a process that oversensitizes certain sensory nerves. . . .

Keep it spinning in good karma, one and all!


Anonymous said...

Interesting, I would have thought that Merck captured all the IP on purinergic receptors when they picked up Inspire pharma.

Condor said...

Hmmm. . . I think, Anon. that the Inspire assets were sold by Merck to Akorn with the AzaSite assets, in late 2014.

But I could be wrong -- maybe only the AzaSite stuff went out to Akorn.

In any event, I do think that this is all new tech.

We shall see. Great eye!

Namaste, and do stop back. . .