Thursday, April 28, 2016

Merck Union Woes? With No Deal In Sight, First Seven Days Of Pickets Scheduled -- USW Local #10-86 West Point, PA Facilities

Late on Wednesday evening, the USW Local 10-86 web site was down for a bit of updating; when it came back online, the first week's picket duty rosters (starting Sunday, May 1) were set forth -- in a 42 page PDF file. [Last backgrounder here.]

There was a rally again yesterday, but it appears that no overall deal for a new collective bargaining agreement yet exists. So the first seven days of picket-line assignments are now posted.

And that is unfortunate for all concerned parties -- but especially for the families that depend on Merck facility wages and benefits.

I'll keep a good thought, here -- and hope that calmer heads prevail, a strike is averted (and talks continue), and that work continues, even without that contract finalized -- at the facility.

Now you are right up to date -- g'night to all of good will. . . .

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