Monday, April 4, 2016

Deflating News Dept., Dateline -- Monrovia, Liberia: Two New Ebola Cases Emerge In Liberia, According to The W.H.O.

While there is no mention of it in the WHO release, today -- I do not doubt that Kenilworth is already supplying experimental rVSV-Zebov vaccine courses to Monrovia, where the surviving young boy is now being cared for.

I would expect that the remaining children in his family will be vaccinated, shortly -- as well as anyone known to have had close contact with the family. As ever, two steps forward, one back -- with viral epidemics. Here is the latest from the World Health Organization, Ebola Situation Report:

. . . .Liberian health authorities report that the woman arrived with her children on 21 March 2016, shortly after her husband died in Guinea from unknown causes. She stayed with relatives in Monrovia, where she developed symptoms over the following week. She initially sought care in local clinics and died en route to a Monrovia hospital on 31 March 2016.

One of her boys has since tested positive for Ebola virus disease, bringing the number of cases in this flare-up to 2. He is being treated at an Ebola care facility in Monrovia. Her two other children, plus her sister, are being closely observed by medical staff. . . .

It is to be expected, as I've repeatedly written, but it is hard hard news, nonetheless. I will recalculate the potential time-frame to an all clear in Africa now -- and add it later tonight. Take good care of one another, one and all -- in his memory -- on the masthead, today. Look with your better eyes, tonight -- and always.

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