Saturday, March 19, 2016

[U] The Latest Update, From Nzérékoré Prefecture, In Guinea -- Troubling New Ebola Flare-Up: Two Live Patients

Updated story now, here. Here on a contemplative, quiet Saturday morning (over hot coffee) -- I'll update the narrative on the latest flare up in Guinea's Nzérékoré prefecture. It seems to have all been contained in one extended family -- and not part of a new line of transmission -- from known prior Ebola contacts. But that is very cold comfort -- having once again been so close to a complete halt in all of Africa. [There are apparently two live patients, in the prefecture.]

Once again -- Merck's efforts here, in supplying vaccine, should be credited as the best of what is still right, about life science companies in America. And we will keep you informed, in the coming weeks -- but here is the W.H.O. release, as of last night then (local US time):

. . . .WHO has dispatched a team of specialists to the southern prefecture of Nzérékoré after 2 new cases of Ebola were detected and confirmed in a rural village.

Guinean health officials in the region alerted WHO and partners on 16 March to 3 unexplained deaths in recent weeks in the village of Koropara and said other members of the same family are currently showing symptoms characteristic of Ebola.

Guinea’s Ministry of Health, WHO, the US Centers for Disease Control and UNICEF sent in investigators on 17 March. Samples were taken from 4 individuals. A mother and her 5-year-old son, relatives of the deceased, confirmed positive for Ebola virus disease in lab tests. The 2 have been taken to a treatment facility.

In coordination with Guinea’s Ministry of Health, WHO has deployed an initial team of epidemiologists, surveillance experts, vaccinators, social mobilizers, contact tracers and an anthropologist today to support an inter-agency response. More specialists are expected to arrive in the coming days. Response teams will work to investigate the origin of the new infections and to identify, isolate, vaccinate and monitor all contacts of the new cases and those who died.

Guinea’s National Emergency Response Centre is convening a meeting 18 March to further coordinate a rapid response to contain the country’s first re-emergence of Ebola since its original outbreak was declared over on 29 December 2015.. . .

Do take good care of one another -- always. Namaste -- as Palm Sunday, and Easter both approach.

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