Sunday, March 20, 2016

Rough News: Now Four Have Died -- In Guinea's March 2016 Ebola Flare Up

So -- as I've said before -- we should brace ourselves for more of this kind of bad news.

The recurrent viral loads seem particularly robust and persistent, in body fluids, in some prior (unvaccinated) Ebola survivors. So this will likely be the sort of report we see from time to time in the coming months. Here is the latest, from the International Business Times:

. . . .A young girl, who contracted Ebola in Guinea, died in the latest flare-up of the epidemic that has killed thousands of people in the country as well as Sierra Leone and Liberia since 2013, Reuters reported Saturday. The latest death, the fourth in the country, comes even as the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the flare-up to have ended in neighboring Sierra Leone Thursday.

Fode Tass Sylla, spokesman for the center that coordinates Guinea's efforts to tackle the Ebola virus, said, according to Reuters: “The young girl who was hospitalized at the Ebola treatment center in Nzerekore [city] is dead.” It was not immediately clear on how many people from Korokpara, about 60 miles from Nzerekore, have contracted Ebola, but the area had resisted efforts to fight the Ebola virus during the initial epidemic. . . .

We need to remain hopeful, and proactive, worldwide. But that last bolded sentence immediately above, explains why this is such a daunting task. And it is understandable that people in Africa would be suspicious of the Western World's attempts to tell them how to treat themselves. But we as a planet must overcome that distrust. . . we simply must. Showing genuine concern in times other than just in crises might be a start. Onward.

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