Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Guinea Ebola Update: Nzérékoré Prefecture, Koropara Centre -- 100 High Risk Contacts -- 816 Contacts, Overall

As is oft' true, the Universe serves up yang, to my yin -- as a natural damper on my green-twinned comet enthusiasm of the last post, of course.

Today's, it seems, comes from Brussels, as well as. . . I must sadly report that there were apparently a fairly high number of direct contacts of the patients recently confirmed to have contracted Ebola in Guinea. The tamping out of this round is likely to take several months.

Viral life -- like all life -- seems to find its way -- to perservere. Even so, this is a rather daunting set back, given that on St. Patrick's we were within a whisker of being all clear in Africa. Here is this morning's WHO alert/release on it all -- and a bit:

. . . .Local health authorities have reactivated the emergency coordination mechanism that was in place during the height of the Ebola epidemic in Nzérékoré, and a rapidly growing inter-agency response is in full motion. WHO has deployed dozens of epidemiologists, surveillance experts, contact tracers, vaccinators, social mobilizers, health promoters, and infection prevention and control experts to support the effort.

As of today, 816 contacts have been identified from 107 households in the immediate vicinity of the home of the confirmed and probable cases in Koropara. More than 100 of the contacts are considered high risk. Their movements to and from the area will be restricted while they are under medical observation. Vaccination teams will also begin administering the Ebola vaccine to contacts and contacts of contacts today to prevent possible spread of the disease. A door-to-door case search is planned for surrounding villages.

More than 50 contacts of the man who travelled to and died in the Macenta prefecture have been identified, and additional contact tracing and case investigation is underway. . . .

Keeping a good thought, here, and onward, shortly, to a board meeting, and a fine evening of festivities, then. . . .

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