Thursday, March 17, 2016

[U] Ebola IS NOT Done In West Africa. Sad News From WHO

UPDATED 03.17.2016 @ 9 PM EDT: Both the AP and the New York Times are now confirming that there are at least two, and possibly three who've tested positive, in Guinea. [It seems all the afflicted have already died.] Truly tough news -- on the very day that Sierra Leone was to clear, and with it, all of Africa. Merck's vaccine is being delivered into the Nzérékoré prefecture, in Guinea now. More news likely on this, in the coming days. [End, updated portion.]

I had previously planned to run a more splashy, upbeat post for today. But this latest Reuters UK headline is cause for significant concern -- and a scrapping of that plan, here.

Even if Reuters has been misinformed (no one else is running the Reuters item yet, as of 5 PM EDT, at least now confirmed) -- in candor -- I think the likelihood of additional small flare ups is high, given what is now known about the persistence of the virus in semen, eye fluids and breast milk.

So -- all the W.H.O. is saying today is that the chain of transmission has been halted. The organization will wait until March 27, 2016 -- an additional ten days -- to declare the current epidemic ended, in Africa. Here's a bit from this afternoon's New York Times:
. . . .While the Ebola outbreak has been largely under control in the region for months, several lingering cases of the virus continue to emerge. Health officials said that might be the case for months to come. Ebola survivors are believed to harbor the virus in some bodily fluids for several months after being infected and can transmit it through sexual intercourse. . . .

Governments in Ebola areas have worked to contain recent flare-ups, and their efforts so far are paying off, the W.H.O. said in a news release. But it warned that nations "must remain on high alert and ready to respond. . . ."

Now, as you enjoy the Great Saint's celebration, do keep our brothers and sisters in mind. May their roads rise to meet them, as well. . .

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