Monday, March 28, 2016

12 Years Ago, This Day, Ireland Enforced First Nation-Wide "Smoke-Free Workplace" Laws

As the close of the Great Saint's month draws ever-nearer (and we find ourselves smiling widely -- at our cousins across the pond -- where the luminous but clear dawn of the 29th very soon will be breaking), and they, just rising there -- upon the Emerald Isle. . . let us all acknowlege our debt of gratitude, to the Irish, for being the first country to establish a nation-wide ban on workplace tobacco smoking.

The generational health benefits of that policy almost cannot be overstated.

To be sure, that Irish leadership there, and then -- has found most of the western world following suit, here a decade and change later.

So it is, I think, fairly safe to conjecture that -- some three decades hence -- world health leaders may well look back on that Irish moment, as no less important to human health, globally, than the discovery of the polio vaccine.

. . . .So here's to our noble selves, for Lord knows. . . there are few like us; and few. . . like us!

Thank you, Ireland -- With a quite noticeable twinkle, in my green-hazel eyes, this evening. . . . Goodnight.

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