Wednesday, March 16, 2016

O/T: "And Our 44th President Selects. . ."

Um. . . no -- not yet -- not his nominee for the United States Supreme Court, Merrick Garland. . . I'll have that, in a bit.

No, here are his NCAA bracket picks (click to enlarge -- love that Kansas pick!). I'll post mine by separate imagery in a bit, as well. Here they are, at right.

Do stay tuned, for the SCOTUS nominee discussion/analysis -- likely after lunch. Busy morning here. Grin. . . .

UPDATED: My "Irish influenced" edits appear here, as corrections to his, in blue ink -- Mr. Obama had it right the first time, when he picked Cal, in his upper left bracket. [Not Hawaii.]

My edits, to his:


Brian D said...

I am all for the current Prez. appointing our new SCJ, however I have concerns regarding any potential ties his wife or children having ties to the pharma industry.
Would you be able to shed any light on these issues (should they exist)?

Thank you

Brian D said...

According to his daughter Rebecca's LinkedIn page, she currently works for Trinitypartners [1], which has 30% of there clients in 'Large Pharma"[2]


Condor said...

I do hear you Brian.

And I have no real source of such information. I do not doubt that your information on his daughter's employer is accurate.

Having said that, as I will write in the coming days, he is widely regarded as an extraordinarily qualified and independent lawyer and jurist. In fact, several of the usual far right organizations are already bemoaning that too many of his prior decisions seem to be anti-business -- i.e., pro-labor, pro-union and pro personal injury plaintiffs.

Whether I agree with that assessment or not, I've seen no one write that they feel he is pro-big pharma.

I expect that -- should the Senate actually do its constitutional duty here, and give him a hearing -- and an up or down vote -- he would overwhelmingly pass muster. He is a centrist. He cleared the confirmation process to the appellate bench 98-0. No objections from either the D's or the R's.

But I suspect that the Senate will fail us -- the people -- and not do its duty.

I don't think they will allow a vote.

So -- were I Mr. Obama -- I'd simply appoint him, using recess appointment powers (during any recess the Senate takes), and then let the people who failed to perform their constitutional duties howl all they like.

The irony of it all is, that when HRC is the 45th President, she will nominate someone far less palatable to these obstructionist Republicans. And as irony would also have it (and as I've already publicly predicted), I expect that the Texas right to abortion case will be decided 5 to 3, in the mean time, striking the restrictive Texas law as unconstitutional. It will be Kennedy's swing vote.

We shall see -- and Namaste!

condor said...

Mr. Obama did call Hawaii. Nice -- but he's in more trouble on Michigan State's loss than I am. We both had West Virginia to go deep ( yikes!)... And now, they too are gone! Crazy first two days.

He and I better hope Kansas survives the weekend. Wow!