Thursday, November 12, 2015

Excellent News! Pauline Cafferkey Has Recovered -- Again!

With the latest Ebola Situation Report confirming that there are no new cases this week in Guinea, this is a week of almost exclusively good news -- globally, on the topic.

Overnight in London, the Scottish nurse who had last month been critically ill for a second time, with a form of menigitis caused by her prior Ebola bout -- has been released from hospital, apparently with the help of an experimental Gilead candidate. This is very encouraging, indeed. Our backgrounder is here -- and the Gray Lady, on it all:

. . . .The nurse, Pauline Cafferkey, contracted Ebola last year while doing charity work in Sierra Leone and recovered for the first time in January. Last month, she again fell critically ill from the virus.

She was discharged on Wednesday from the Royal Free Hospital in London, which has Britain’s only high-level isolation ward for the treatment of infectious diseases, the hospital announced on Thursday. She was transferred for additional care to Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow.

Ms. Cafferkey was the second person found to have Ebola in Britain. . . .

Gilead's response last month does typify the new pull-quote on my masthead. Kudos to all involved -- Merck earlier, throughout Africa, and Gilead these past few weeks! Onward, on a blustery Thursday walk in. . . .

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