Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Boulder's míRagen® Therapeutics Secures $41 Million Equity Round, From Merck-Affiliated Venture Fund

míRagen is a Colorado based developmental stage entity -- the therapeutic candidates of which are designed to target microRNAs, a class of small RNA molecules that regulate gene expression, and that can serve as potential indicators of disease. Were I betting, I might bet that MRL Ventures is interested in the potential to marry some future míRagen developed therapeutic (or test-marker), to Merck's Keytruda® -- and help treat/predict how cancer patients might be able to benefit most-robustly, from that new therapy. . . . We shall see.

I could certainly be mistaken, though -- about that above guess. In any event (complete with a nice Flatirons underlay image), is a graphic, and the story -- out of the Denver Post, this morning:

. . . .MíRagen Therapeutics Inc., a Boulder-based biopharma specializing in developing drugs targeting small ribonucleic acid molecules, landed $41 million in financing to bring two of its drug candidates into clinical development. . . .

MíRagen officials on Tuesday announced that the preferred stock financing led in part by a Merck venture fund would advance programs in the areas of hematological malignancies and pathological fibrosis. The drug targets miRagen intends to bring through clinical development are MRG-106 and MRG-201.. . .

These amounts (anything under $100 million) are clearly rounding errors, to Kenilworth, but may lead to a significant new product class, or a test for one. So, the bet is a good one (plus it leads to ski weekends, on the ensuing update/diligendce trips). Onward -- on a flawless Tuesday -- hunting for good soup. . . . Smile!

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