Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Smallish Temodar® Recall -- Cracks In The Childproof Bottle Caps

This is a long standing Schering- Plough/Merck legacy product (now as an authorized generic) -- and the smallish issue has to do with the cap remaining childproof -- not anything to do with purity or safety of the medicine inside the bottle.

Even so, we will note it. Just for a complete record -- from a wire-service press release:

. . . .Merck believes that approximately 1,100 bottles out of an estimated 276,000 distributed bottles of TEMODAR and Temozolomide capsules (generic) could potentially have cracked caps. . . .

Onward -- some of my Temodar background here -- do use the search box to find more, going back seven years, if you are curious.

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